MOORESVILLE, N.C.Nov. 17, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Lowes has launched a revolutionary new socket wrench technology for Christmas – Kobalt Steel Grip Sockets manufactured by BT&F LLC.  With the ability to grip the flats of a bolt head, and squeeze tighter and tighter, as more torque is applied, Steel Grip Sockets remove rusted, damaged, and even severely rounded bolts and nuts with ease.

Steel Grip Sockets also provide hands-free holding of bolts and nuts, for easy installation and removal in hard-to-reach places – so never worry about dropping and losing a bolt again!

According to Alex Gordon, Director of Marketing for Better Tools & Fasteners, the company that developed Steel Grip technology, “The ‘secret’ to this phenomenal performance is the internal flexible ‘grip’ member, which is made entirely of high grade, high strength, alloy steel.  This proprietary and patented all-steel technology makes Steel Grip sockets extremely rugged and exceptionally durable.”

As with other Kobalt products, Steel Grip Sockets come with a Lifetime Warranty and exceed ANSI torque specifications.

Steel Grip Sockets are sold in both Metric and SAE sets at retail prices under $30 at all Lowes stores.

For more information, contact:  Alex Gordon, Director of Marketing, BT&F,, 866-576-3216.


Source: PR Newswire

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