Lindstrom Metric, Inc. was founded in 1983 by Virg Lindstrom. Born and raised in Minnesota, Virg studied business and economics in college before joining the army. After six years of service, Virg joined a Minnesota company as a buyer of non-fastener components which led to an interest in the metric system. His curiosity sparked Lindstrom. In the 1990s, the company had left its mark across the country. As it continued to expand, the company had to decide whether to continue to sell to OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) or focus exclusively on distributors. It selected distributors, resulting in lasting relationships over the years. Today, Lindstrom’s mission is to “provide excellent customer service and total product availability.” The team always ensures products are in stock, shipments go out on time, and that every question can be met with an answer. The customer experience matters to Lindstrom and they displayed that at the National Industrial Fastener & Mill Supply Expo (NIFMSE) in Las Vegas. Among the variety of outstanding booths, we recognized Lindstrom as “Best Booth” overall in this year’s Fastener Show Best Booth Awards. We are honored to have spoken to Lindstrom’s President, Michael Wrenn, about Lindstrom.


How many years has Lindstrom been attending the NIFMSE and why do you find attendance there to be so valuable?
Lindstrom began exhibiting at the NIFMSE at its inception and has supported the show ever since. Over the past several years, we expanded our booth space and invited more of our team to the show.  While there are many important association and trade events throughout the year, this is the major event for companies serving the fastener industry.  It is our time to meaningfully connect with our customers, suppliers and friends throughout the industry.

What was the inspiration behind your booth?
The Lindstrom brand is evolving and we felt that it was important to communicate our message with a striking visual presentation. Our core business in metric fasteners is as strong as ever, but many of our customers were not aware that we supply a wide array of fasteners, including inch series, manufactured components, altered parts and special products.  In addition, we offer unique services including secondary processing, packaging, technical services and managed programs. We felt that the show offered us the perfect opportunity to get our message across and booth design was one important tool to accomplish this.

What do you think are the most important aspects to keep in mind when attending trade shows?Trade shows can be a great forum for getting information to improve your business and generate opportunities for growth. Think about your audience.   Stand out from the crowd.   Give people a reason to stop, stay awhile and have a conversation.  Listen to what your customers say and follow-up with them soon afterwards.  

What is on the horizon for Lindstrom?
We recently opened a branch in Canada and expect to open additional distribution facilities in 2017 to get closer to our customers and shorten lead times. We added many new inch product lines over the past two years to complement our core metric line and expect to continue to expand our product offering, especially in hard to find specialty products.    And we continue to invest in machinery to expand our manufacturing and packaging capabilities.  2017 promises to be an exciting year for our industry and Lindstrom!

I would like to add that Lindstrom is honored to receive this recognition. We noticed many great booths and displays at the show this year and consider ourselves fortunate to be voted Best Booth among so many distinguished entries.


Thank you to Lindstrom’s Mr. Wrenn for taking the time to offer his insight. Best of luck to Lindstrom in 2017!

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