When founder Kent Savage began a series of groundbreaking inventions in automated dispensing, Apex Supply Chain Technologies started a long and successful career in the traditional vending industry. There’s nothing “off-the-shelf” about it. He began Apex in 2006 to bring robust, revolutionary point-of-work automation systems and cloud-based, Connect n’ Go Technology to the market. Today, more than 17,000 organizations have deployed Apex systems, helping them to run leaner and smarter powered by Apex Connect n’ GoTM Technology. And that means better control, less waste, lower costs and an efficient, productive environment. Hundreds have deployed them at five or more sites – many with 100 or more devices. Apex attended this year’s National Industrial Fastener & Mill Supply Expo (NIFMSE) in Las Vegas. Their technology has been beneficial to the fastener industry which is why it was recognized as “Best Technology” in this year’s Fastener Show Best Booth Awards. We interviewed Kevin Dugan, the Senior Global Communications Executive at Apex Supply Chain Technologies, on the company’s booth and the new outstanding technology. 

How many years has your company been attending the NIFMSE and why do you find attendance there to be so valuable?
2016 was the first year Apex Supply Chain Technologies attended NIFMSE as we launched our ACTYLUS smart bin system in 2015. We knew it would be a great show and, in fact, we’ve already signed up for 2017. To make our debut at the nation’s largest gathering of the fastener industry, we decided to launch our newest ACTYLUS model, the 8100/8200. Based on the amount of well-informed questions, we can tell the benefits our technology brings inventory replenishment applications resonated with attendees.

What was the inspiration behind your booth?
Our booth is designed to communicate the benefits our products bring to industrial distributors and their customers. Our large, vertically-mounted touchscreen mounted in the center of our booth attracts attention and informs visitors. The booth is also inspired by the industrial environments in which our products are used. This is why our padded flooring resembles diamond plate steel and our environmental graphics are taken from industrial settings. 

What does your technology do? How does it affect the fastener industry?
ACTYLUS, our smart bin system, automates the replenishment of fasteners and other items. It is having a positive impact on distributor business and their customer’s processes.

Since ACTYLUS eliminates stock outs, bin checks and safety stock are a thing of the past. Our newest models, the ACTYLUS 8100/8200, are compact for deployment in smaller areas, including assembly cell applications. And with Apex Trajectory Cloud platform, distributors gain 24/7 visibility into real-time customer inventory status regardless of their location. 

By far, one of the biggest impacts on the industry is the time it gives back to distributors. Consider the number of customers each distributor has. They have even more bins to check and eliminating the need to go to the customer site, check the bin, return and come back a second time to fill them is a big efficiency and productivity gain.  Now they’re alerted in real time about what needs to be delivered by hand or shipped to their customer. 

This helps distributors grow their existing business and generate new customers. We enjoyed talking with them at the show and learned a lot as they look to simplify low-tech, inefficient processes to stay competitive. 

What is on the horizon for Apex Supply Chain Technologies?
Apex will continue to collaborate closely with our customers to help them create innovative solutions to their operational challenges. This collaboration is how we’ve recognized opportunities for process improvement in areas our customers have yet to consider. In fact, this approach helped inspire our smart bin system. Addressing unmet, even unidentified, customer needs will always drive our focus on innovation at Apex.  


Visit apexsupplychain.com to learn more about Apex Supply Chain Technologies and check out their products!

Thank you to Mr. Dugan for his time and insight. We would also like to thank Apex Supply Chain Technologies for their commitment to the fastener industry. 

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