Brighton Screw Co. was a spark that began in 1925 as a Cincinnati storefront factory. Best Socket Screw started in business in New York, N.Y. in 1965. Its founders, Mr. Stan Sevell and Mr. Perry Rosenstein, both had extensive experience in the distribution of fastener products. In 1971, the two entrepreneurs purchased Brighton Socket Screw Manufacturing, a quality manufacturer of Socket Screw products in Cincinnati, Ohio. As the two companies merged, Mr. Sevell and Mr. Rosenstein created Brighton-Best Socket Mfg. Inc., a powerhouse supplier of socket screw products in the United States. Throughout the following years, Brighton Best opened locations in multiple locations in the US, expanding into Canada, Brazil, New Zealand, and more until it was bought by a consortium of investors from Taiwan. This purchase created Brighton-Best International, Inc. (BBI). BBI offers world class service, quality products, and a new 24 hr. online web ordering web site. BBI was recognized this year in our Fastener News 2016 Fastener Show Best Booth Awards for “Best Character.” We interviewed Rosa Hearn (aka Rosa the Riveter herself), Product Manager about BBI’s characters of “Rosa the Riveter” and “Proferred Pete” as well as the company and its attendance at the National Industrial Fastener & Mill Supply Expo (NIFMSE).

Read the interview below:

First, Brighton Best International (BBI) would like to thank all who visited our booth at the 2016 NIFMSE show.  This year was a great success. We are excited about the new and added products and solutions that we were able to feature and demonstrate. 

BBI would also like to give a heartfelt thank you to Fastener News Desk for giving us the Best Character booth award. BBI has displayed our winning ribbon with pride and we are truly honored to have been chosen. 

How many years has your Brighton Best been attending the NIFMSE and why do you find attendance there to be so valuable?  

Brighton Best Socket has been exhibiting at the NIFSME show since 1981.  When we became Brighton Best International we continued to exhibit and support the fastener show.  The NIFSME show is valuable to BBI because it gives us the opportunity to not only show our products or describe our services, but also create and build partnerships.  

What did Brighton Best International want to convey on the show floor this year? 

BBI is always looking into new ways to help our distributors profitably grow their sales.  We understand our distributors face competition.  BBI wanted to convey a more creative approach to our distributors by helping them differentiate from their competition.  Also to offer increased value by offering a full line of fasteners and expanded Proferred line. 

What was the inspiration behind ‘Rosa the Riveter’ and ‘Proferred Pete’? 

BBI asked if I would be the Product Manager for the Proferred Rivet line. It wasn’t until I started to be more active on social media that “Rosa the Proferred Riveter” became a personal brand. I am proud to carry the same namesake as the icon “Rosie the Riveter” who inspires many.  I too roll up my sleeves and work in this riveting industry!  As for Proferred Pete, he represents the BBI team and the “We can do it!” attitude.  

What is on the horizon for Brighton Best International?  

As BBI continues to add more safety, cutting tools and deliver more quality fasteners.  BBI is also doing work to bring in new technology platforms to our customers in forms of vending; web ordering and product training.  In the end, we appreciate our distributors and plan to make the customer experience easier by providing great customer service, expand our Proferred offering and help our distributors improve productivity. 

Visit to learn more about Brighton Best International and check out their products!

Thank you to Ms. Hearn for the interview and to Brighton Best International for delivering value and quality to the fastener industry. 

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