The business – which already offers customer access to fully automated fastening systems, hand tools such as nail guns and staplers, and consumables including nails, staples and reciprocating saw blades – has launched a new range of high performance screws.
Sold under the brand name BeFix, the new screws offer a number of distinct advantages.

Unlike nails or staples, BeFix screws can be inserted and removed multiple times with little or no degradation in effectiveness. This opens up potential opportunities for cost savings over the long term.
In addition the new BeFix screws are particularly suited for use on export or packaging cases containing high value or highly fragile products.

As they can be unscrewed, they enable such cases to be dismantled carefully rather than ripped or prized apart.
Further benefits include impressive speed and ease of insertion.

This is thanks to a variety of features including a super sharp tip that provides immediate bite; a stardrive head which enables a firmer drive with reduced cam-out; and a double thread which has been treated with a proprietary ‘easy slide’ coating.
The new BeFix screws also have a reaming thread which ensures a positive clampdown and that eliminates gaps between timber members as well as a blue zinc coating which provides exceptional levels of corrosion resistance.

Speaking of the new BeFix screws, Paul Shepherd, national sales manager at BeA, said: “BeA has an extensive track record in the pallet and case sector and already works with some of the biggest and best known names in the industry.

“Despite our success however, we are not content to rest on our laurels and continue to look at how we can expand and evolve our offer.
“The launch of our BeFix screws reflects that. They offer customers, particularly those working with packaging and export cases, a new choice and arguably, a better choice.”

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