The Young Fastener Professionals organization has appointed three new members to its Board of Directors. Joining the Board of Directors are Baron Yarborough of Spring Bolt & Nut Mfg., Jessi Solt of G.L. Huyett and Amber Artz of the Boulder Company. According to Ryan Kertis, the President of the Young Fastener Professionals, these new Board members embody the “spirit of our organization and bring the essential aptitude, proficiency and energy to the table which will enable YFP continued success.”

In addition to thee three national Board members, Derek Dandy of Bodycote also joined the Board for the Mid-Atlantic Young Fastener Professionals; Michael Robinson of The Dyson Corporation and Bob Morrissey Jr. of American Ring joined the Board for the North Coast Young Fastener Professionals; Kenny Sanker of Blue Chip Engineered Products joined the South East Young Fastener Professionals Board; Matt Roberts of W.J.Roberts Co., Inc.  joined the North East Young Fastener Professionals Board; and Mike Ricciardi of ITW Shakeproof joined the Mid-West Young Fastener Professionals Board. 

The existing Board of Directors Ryan Kertis, Melissa Patel, Aaron Shushan & Bryan Wheeler will remain in their positions throughout 2017.

In a series of interviews, we will be introducing you to these new members of the Young Fastener Professionals Board. We introduce you to Mike Ricciardi of the Mid-West Young Fastener Professionals Board.


Mike Ricciardi is a strategic account manager & sales engineer with ITW Shakeproof Group, metal fastener division of Illinois Tool Works, Inc. (ITW).  After graduating with a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from the Milwaukee School of Engineering in 2013, Mike pursued technical sales opportunities within ITW.  He took a position with the electronics division, ITW Switches.  He managed various end-customer accounts in the industrial and aerospace markets.  Mike transitioned to fastener division early in 2015, landing engineering and operational roles as part of his rigorous fastener training program.  Shortly after transitioning to the sales team, he is now responsible for managing and developing strategic industrial customer growth.  Collaboration and experience with sales, engineering and operations allow him to drive innovation from concept to launch.  Freedom in his position allows coast to coast travel, marketability and an aptitude to learn from the most seasoned of professionals.  

Although Mike’s 2-year fastener career is relatively novel, his experiences & technical competence allow him to excel in driving results.  Mike is excited to continue his career in the fastener industry.  In Mike’s personal time, he enjoys his family, personal fitness and attending sporting events.

  • How did you enter into the fastener industry?
    I started my career in electronics which I believe withheld the potential of speaking with customers outside of Electrical Engineering.  ITW’s fastener division reached out with open arms in an opportunity to work with all positions (Hardware/Applications/Mechanical Engineers, Supply Chain, Plant Managers, etc.) and analyze assembly lines in detail.
  • You are a representative of ITW Shakeproof. What is your role in the company?
    My current role with ITW Shakeproof as a Strategic Account Manager and Sales Engineer is to maintain and develop current & target customer relationships – responding to inside & outside requests, quoting, negotiating, and overall management.  My team is also responsible for driving innovation through customer hardware challenges.
  • What are your favorite aspects of the fastener industry?
    My favorite aspect of the fastener industry the attention to detail and quality.  This manufacturing trade can be tough and grueling in terms of demands on cost and performance.  To many of our customers, we are the last piece of the assembly puzzle.  If the teams are not aligned at any point through the process, the outcome can be catastrophic.  I enjoy the daily challenge to keep up with the fast pace of our customers.
  • Why do you think that having the Young Fastener Professionals Organization is so important in the fastener industry?
    YFP is important to the industry because of its ability to create a network of cross-educated talent.  20-30 year veterans, although very knowledgeable & experienced, do not often have the chance to speak with suppliers, competitors and customers outside their niche competency.  I believe that feeding ideas, concepts, strategies, etc. to young minds will create a compounding effect through the industry.
  • Describe your role on the Mid-West Young Fastener Professionals Board.
    My role as Mid-West representative is to facilitate opportunities for networking, conceptualize new ideas, and share strategies to educate the growth the fastener industry.
  • What do you hope to bring/contribute to the future of the Young Fastener Professionals?
    I hope to coordinate efforts in building a stronger and more unified industry; sharing knowledge and experiences amongst the youngest and most seasoned professionals.


Thank you to Mr. Ricciardi for the interview. We wish him the best moving forward with the Young Fastener Professionals. 

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