The Young Fastener Professionals organization has appointed three new members to its Board of Directors. Joining the Board of Directors are Baron Yarborough of Spring Bolt & Nut Mfg., Jessi Solt of G.L. Huyett and Amber Artz of the Boulder Company. According to Ryan Kertis, the President of the Young Fastener Professionals, these new Board members embody the “spirit of our organization and bring the essential aptitude, proficiency and energy to the table which will enable YFP continued success.”

In addition to thee three national Board members, Derek Dandy of Bodycote also joined the Board for the Mid-Atlantic Young Fastener Professionals; Michael Robinson of The Dyson Corporation and Bob Morrissey Jr. of American Ring joined the Board for the North Coast Young Fastener Professionals; Kenny Sanker of Blue Chip Engineered Products joined the South East Young Fastener Professionals Board; Matt Roberts of W.J.Roberts Co., Inc.  joined the North East Young Fastener Professionals Board; and Mike Ricciardi of ITW Shakeproof joined the Mid-West Young Fastener Professionals Board. 

The existing Board of Directors Ryan Kertis, Melissa Patel, Aaron Shushan & Bryan Wheeler will remain in their positions throughout 2017.

In a series of interviews, we will be introducing you to these new members of the Young Fastener Professionals Board. We introduce you to Baron Yarborough of the Board of Directors for the Young Fastener Professionals.


Baron Wayne Yarborough is a third generation fastener professional holding a B.B.A. in Management from Texas Wesleyan University. After graduating in 2013 Baron took on a business development position at a data and analytics company and was quickly moved into the role of training and managing the inside sales department. In 2014 Baron was offered the Director of Sales position at Spring Bolt and Nut Manufacturing which he accepted. After relocating Baron started a hands on training program working under Operations Manager and company owner Richard Sivley. During this 4 month period Baron operated CNCs, manual lathes, and forging presses. After acquiring a base knowledge of Spring Bolt’s manufacturing process Baron went on to be trained and mentored by the President of the company Tim Malone. During this time, Baron gained understanding of the mechanical and chemical properties within fasteners, and the testing required for the different specifications and grades. Now Baron’s focus is on the sales and marketing of Spring Bolt. Duties Include: quoting, new business development, online marketing, attending conferences and tradeshows, and being forced to play golf.

  • How did you enter into the fastener industry? 
    Fasteners are a part of my family heritage. My father and grandfather were machinist at LFC, Interstate Threaded Products, and DRY Industries. After attending Texas Wesleyan University for Business Management, I found myself over an inside sales team at a data company. I liked my job and my company, but I have always had a love of manufacturing. While in school I met a girl who would become my wife. Her father, Richard Sivley, is the owner of Spring Bolt and Nut Manufacturing. He was looking for a person to take over Sales and Office Operations and I was a guy with sales management and fastener experience.  
  • You are a representative of Spring Bolt & Nut Manufacturing. What is your role in the company?
    Director of Sales 
  • What are your favorite aspects of the fastener industry?
    One of my favorite aspects of the fastener industry is that I get to learn something new every day. From testing requirements to manufacturing processes there is always something new. Being a custom fastener manufacture I never know what specification might be thrown at me to quote, but it is my job to know where to find the answers.
  • Why do you think that having the Young Fastener Professionals Organization is so important in the fastener industry?       
    YFP is important because I feel we have an entire generation of Americans that were told a lie. That lie is that being a part of a company that manufactures, distributes, or has anything to do with a tangible product is a bad career choice. They are told that in order to experience success and growth they should get into a service industry. It is the job of Young Fastener Professionals to show our fellow millennials that there is a great deal of growth and opportunity in the fastener industry.
  • Describe your role on the Young Fastener Professionals Board of Directors.
    As members of the Board of Directors it is our job to look at the big picture and see how YFP can help improve the fastener industry as a whole as well as for our generation. Creating forms of open communication between the age groups is a major role of YFP. Whether it is through networking events, social media, surveys, or cohosting events with other associations, these forums allow people of all ages and in all positions of the fastener industry to hear, listen, and learn. 
  • What do you hope to bring/contribute to the future of the Young Fastener Professionals?
    I hope to grow relationships not only with other fastener organizations, but with fastener companies. Showing millennials that the fastener industry has a place for them is only half the battle. The other half of the battle- which is equally important- is helping companies understand what this generation finds appealing as well as the necessary qualities they are looking for when beginning a career. 

We’d like to thank Baron for his time and wish him all the best on the National Board of Directors for the Young Fastener Professionals.

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