“Nine years ago, I walked into what would become The Manufacturing Institute. I was excited and eager…but was also nervous about such a big change. But the one thing that I knew I could rely on was my passion. Passion for manufacturing, passion for its millions of workers, and passion for its many supporters.

 Why do I love manufacturing? That’s always been easy for me to answer.”

-Jennifer McNelly

Manufacturing is a staple of our economy, important to both its overall health as well as the lives of many Americans who work in the sector. In 2015, including benefits, the average worker in manufacturing made over $81,000 annually. This number is impressive considering that most firms are small, ranging from less than 500 employees to even less than 20. No matter big or small, those of us in the industrial sectors understand and love manufacturing. 

Jennifer McNelly has been avidly involved with the industry as President of The Manufacturing Institute. She has seen initiatives work hard to raise awareness about the positive impact of manufacturing and encourage students to pursue a career in it. Now, as she moves on to the next journey of her life as President of 180 Skills, she reflects on what makes her so passionate about the industry.

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