Fastener Training Institute Expands Advanced Course Curriculum in 2017

The Fastener Training Institute is excited to announce development of the “Certified Fastener Specialist 2.0” (CFS2.0) program. This program is the advanced derivative of the existing CFS program, targeted to meet the needs of our CFS Alumni by offering more in fastener education.

The CFS2 .O· lesson series will include case-based studies and problem-based learning fundamentals to further develop each student’s fastener knowledge through complex, real-life scenarios. Co-produced with the Industrial Fasteners Institute, this curriculum is very hands-on and will include a progression of complex topics, standardized material, testing and certificates of completion.

Students will choose electives based on specific areas of interest. Subjects include an advanced series on “Hydrogen Embrittlement in Fasteners” and an advanced series on ”Automotive Fastener Technology”.

Salim Brahimi, Director of Engineering Technology for the Industrial Fasteners Institute (IFI). Laurence Claus (NNi Training and Consulting, Inc.) and Carmen Vertullo (Carver Engineering) will co-develop, present and instruct this new series.

The classes will be open to all, but the new CFS2.0 designation will only be available to those who have also, completed the CFS (Certified Fastener Specialist) series. To receive the CFS designation, students must complete seven full-day training sessions offered throughout the year in Los Angeles or the week-long intensive version, and pass a final take- home exam at the end of the training. Classes do no need to be taken in sequence. If a class is missed, it can be made up the following year.

FTI will offer Fastener Training Week four times in 2017: once in Los Angeles, CA twice in Cleveland, OH and once in Chicago, IL. Please visit our website at for dates.

Webinars continue to grow with the Fastener Training Institute: we love that students around the world join us every month to learn about something in fasteners. Our monthly webinars will remain on the third Friday of every month and feature topics on Fastener Quality, Product Inspection, Terminology, Structural Bolting and many more. Adding to our webinar schedule in 2017 will be on-line classes featuring specialty trade products including:

  • Structural Blind Fasteners
  • Pins and Springs
  • Threaded lnserts
  • Lifting Hardware
  • Anchors
  • Struts
  • Locking Elements
  • Self-Drilling Screws

Our webinars are broadcast worldwide and webinar sponsorship is a great way to promote your products and support Fastener Training. FTI is a registered 501(c) (6) non- profit. Contact Jo Morris at if you would like to sponsor one of our featured webinars.

For a detailed description regarding all of our classes, please visit our website

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