AGAWAM — Look on the shelves at a hardware store or home center.

If it’s a warehouse-type place, also look up at the commercial roof covering the store.

You’ll see products from Agawam’s OMG Inc. in both places.

The 36-year-old company, originally known as Olympic Manufacturing, makes screws, washer plates, vents, metal edges, adhesives and construction equipment  for commercial flat roofs like those over factories and big box retailers. OMG also makes FastenMaster, a line of screws for residential decks that contractors can hide, giving the finished deck a better appearance. OMG sells FastenMaster at lumber yards and hardware stores around the country, with contractors as the primary customers.

It all adds up to about a billion screws a year.

“That’s actually small in our industry,” said Hubert T. McGovern, company president. “We aren’t competing for the business making all these drywall screws holding up the walls. We don’t do commodity screws. We work in a very specific niche market.”

Some OMG screws are as long as two feet, long enough to fasten a roof through layers of insulation.


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