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There’s a time in the development of many makers when they switch from making things purely for themselves to making things for other people to make. The point at which you start giving your designs away and other people start making them is when things get really interesting. The transition from lone maker to sharing maker can be difficult, as it underlines to how easy or difficult your design is to build. When you’ve designed something yourself you make certain allowances, but it’s a different story when someone else is building your design and they find part of the build difficult, or worse stupid.

For the past few years I’ve been making robots for other people to build. First with Mirobot and now at Mime Industries with the MeArm. We’ve recently launched a new product (shameless plug alert: check out the Kickstarter) which we’ve put a lot of effort into making easy to build. There’s also an additional factor in this case, which is that we also want children to be able to build it. Making something that can be built by children is particularly challenging because you can’t rely on the base set of skills that most adults have developed.

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