As most manufacturing businesses know, a high level of knowledge and skill will e exiting the workforce as Baby Boomers retire. Companies are working to adapt to this shift by recruiting younger members of the workforce. This recruitment includes partnering with local educational institutions for students graduating high school as well as adding in flexibility for appeal. Additionally, companies, whether facing the Baby Boomer retirement or not, are working to innovate and prepare for the years ahead. 


LIMA — For some companies, an aging workforce is a concern, especially when it means years of experience and skills could soon retire away as the Baby Boomer generation transitions into the next phase of life.

Local manufacturers know this well and are planning well ahead for their retirement.

Reaching the younger generation, now well known as Millennials, has meant new ideas with recruiting starting even before posting jobs, which also has changed. While people used to search for a job through classified ads in the newspaper, the trend is online with social media and websites dedicated to job postings.


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