Fastener News Desk was thrilled to attend the National Industrial Fastener & Mill Supply Expo this year in Las Vegas. We had an amazing time, got to meet so many great people, and saw some pretty incredible booths. This year we would like to honor some of our favorites with the 2014 NIFMSE Best Booth Awards.


Booth Award #1 – Most Interactive

Winner – Pacific West Fastener Association @PacWestFastener

Pac-West really outdid themselves this year. They are always on top of their social media coverage, and this year their selfie extravaganza was awesome. Their twitter was always going throughout the show, engaging with customers both at their booth and with their online network.


best booth 1


Booth Award #2 – Best Group

Winner – Advanced Poly-Packaging, Inc.

The Advanced Poly-Packaging, Inc. booth had a lot to offer – great background, cool demonstrations, and this fantastic team. Not only did they make the most of every second of the show, but they were so photogenic the whole time!


best booth 2


Booth Award #3 – Best Giveaway

Winner – Buckeye Fasteners @WeldFastenerGuy

Walking around the show floor you can really make work up a thirst, so we have to give the Best Giveaway Award to Buckeye Fasteners for keeping us nice and refreshed. Their Old Rusty Bolt brew really hit the spot, thanks Buckeye Fasteners!

best booth 3



Booth Award #4 – Most Fun

Winner – Solution Industries @SolutionMan_Ind

This award had to go to our friends at Solution Industries hands down. Not only do they have an amazing group, but they even brought out Solution Man for the show. He was a hit, posing for pictures and interacting with attendees all day. Thanks Solution Man!


best booth 4


Booth Award #5 – Best Booth

Winner – Alcoa Fastening Systems @Alcoa

Now this was a good looking booth. Simple, clean, and bright, you couldn’t walk past without stopping.  Alcoa Fastening Systems had their products displayed beautifully, and we loved their play on words with Fasten Nation. We couldn’t help but be fastenated!


best booth 5


Congratulations to all of our winners!

Have any booth award suggestions of your own? Comment below with your ideas!

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