April 2017 – All Metals & Forge Group (AM&FG) built its reputation on superior quality and short turnaround times for its bars, blocks, gear blanks, flanges, forged discs, cylinders and custom shapes. But the Fairfield, New Jersey-based company does more than merely shape and form metal. Owner Lew Weiss is using the Internet and radio waves to forge closer relationships with a broad cross section of manufacturers by delivering mission-critical information. 

Weiss has worked in the industry for 56 years, since he was 18 and studying marketing at Queens College in New York City. He landed in metals because “I needed a job. I went to one of those 42nd Street employment agencies in Manhattan,” Weiss recalls. “They said, ‘Do you have any interest in selling?’ I said ‘Sure!’ I began working for a steel distributor in Brooklyn and I’ve been at it ever since.”

In 1972, Weiss started AM&FG as a service center for specialty metals. The company grew, but competition in the 1990s prompted AM&FG to alter its product mix. “We were working for pennies on the pound,” he notes. “We added forging to our offering and developed exclusive agreements with four area shops.” 

AM&FG took an equity position in one of the shops in 2006. The company exited the service center business and today produces a wide range of forgings, including carbon, stainless, alloy and tool steels, titanium, nickel and copper. AM&FG’s open-die forging process produces seamless rolled rings with a sound internal structure and circumferential grain flow that provides superior yield, tensile and fatigue strength and toughness. The rolling process also produces excellent concentricity and surface smoothness. 


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