The countdown is on to IndustryWeek’s Manufacturing & Technology Show, happening May 8-10 in Cleveland, Ohio. The Manufacturing & Technology Show (M&T Show) is a gathering of manufacturing information and trends to help you understand actionable approaches and seize new opportunities in the industrial world. At the show you’ll be able to learn more about the latest technologies and how you can adopt them, reshoring initiatives, mastering the millennial workforce, and an array of relevant topics that can and will influence your business.

M&T Show is organized by IndustryWeek, a resource that explores the issues, strategies, trends, and more which influence manufacturing. IndustryWeek is a resource for which shares industry opinions, news, research, outstanding leaders, and companies on the cutting edge through articles, webinars, awards, and more.

Keeping in line with its organizer, the M&T Show is offering a wide variety of events for networking and learning that can inform and excite. Here are our 10 reasons why the M&T Show is a must-attend for you and your company.

  1. The Keynotes:

    Some of the biggest and brightest in the industry will be offering insight to attendees. Keynotes include Raj Nair, Executive Vice President, Product Development, and Chief Technical Officer of  Ford; Brett Wood, President and CEO of  Toyota Material Handling North America; and Billy Ray Taylor, Director of Manufacturing of Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. Subjects will include examples of innovation, lean practices, and reinvention for the digital age. 

    A panel will also be held on getting started on your first IIoT project. Speakers on this panel include representatives from Intel Corp, Autodesk, and Microsoft.

  2. Workshops:

    If you’re looking for in-depth training, these workshops will give you the education you need to tackle the future. These 3-hour specialized educational sessions are available to attendees and are as follows: Future Trends for Continuing Professional Education; Corporate College Lean Supply Chain Workshop; Smart Manufacturing – Starting the Digital Journey; Smart Devices and Systems Workshop; How to Approach Innovation In A Way That Drives Real Results: The Tools, Techniques and Thought Processes Your Organization Needs to Succeed; and Preparing Today’s Multigenerational Workforce for Smart Manufacturing.

  3. Factory Tours:

    Learn from world-class manufacturing facilities by going behind-the-scenes. Each tour will give you insight into each facility’s continuous improvement initiatives, use of technology, and workforce best practices. Tours include a look at Lincoln Electric, Rockwell Automation, MakerGear 3D Printers, Sears thinkbox, and more.

  4. Networking:

    Connect with attendees, peers, and speakers at the M&T Show. Opportunities extend beyond the expo floor and workshops to a Cocktail Hour on Monday, May 8; and Tuesday’s special night out at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame!

  5. Co-Located Events:

    In addition to the M&T Show, check out the other shows that could benefit you, both included with you M&T Show pass. The 2017 MESA International North American Conference is where “Manufacturing meets IT.” Engineers unite at the Industrial Design & Engineering Show to learn and exchange application methods for the latest emerging technologies.

  6. Demos:

    Get an up-close look and experience the wonders of the latest technologies! See drones take flight, test-drive an award-winning robot, check in on Stratasys LIVE 3D printing, watch real-time process control data aggregation, experience working with a collaborative robot, witness a SuitX demonstration, and more.

  7. Tri-C’s Mobile Training Unit:

    Bringing training to where it’s needed, the Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C) mobile training unit is a 53-foot educational facility on wheels. It addresses the skills gap in the manufacturing industry by making training more accessible in Northeast Ohio. To learn more about the unit, click here.

  8. The Exhibitors:

    From Rockwell Automation to Microsoft, ToolingU-SME to Universal Robots USA Inc., Plex Systems, Inc to Autodesk, and more.

  9. Cleveland, An Example:

    Cleveland was a hot spot of manufacturing for many years. While not as many factories exist today as the 1960s, manufacturing is making a comeback. When you visit the show, you will have the opportunity to see how a city that had traditional manufacturing for ages, is now evolving and becoming a hub of manufacturing innovation. Cleveland is not the only city undergoing a change – many of the “Rust Belt,” cities are now becoming the “Tech Belt.” Witness how traditional companies are evolving.

  10. Exposure:

    No matter what sector of manufacturing your company is in, attendance at this show and related trade shows is important for your exposure. This includes exposure to the industry as a whole as well as the industry’s exposure to you. The talked about technologies, the trends in training, and the other companies in the industry all have the potential to impact not only how you run your business, but also business in general. Trends that can eliminate costs and keep production moving efficiently with top quality are going to have an advantage. Being aware of what is happening is important. Furthermore, being in attendance at these shows brings you and your company exposure. Networking and discussions can open up opportunities to an increase in customers and partnerships. 

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10 Reasons to Attend the IndustryWeek Manufacturing & Technology Show

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