The workshop at Newton South resembles a true inventor’s studio brimming with springs, gears, and metal parts — even a sewing machine. Here, teens from across the city tinker with parts, aspiring to make the best high school robot in the country, maybe even the world.


The LigerBots robotics team first started in 2008 and combines students from Newton North and South. Students work six days a week creating a robot.

“I joined because I was interested in robotics and was interested in engineering,” said Arushi Singh, a junior. “I didn’t not think I would be as committed as I am now. Now I am one of those people that comes early.”

How does it work?

The robotics organization Steamworks announces the game that the robot will have to play. Then high school teams have six weeks to come up with the best robot to play that game.

The Newton team starts by breaking up into smaller design groups. Each group has its own idea for what a design should look like. Then when the groups come together they go over the ideas and choose the best design.

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