Manufacturing is a beast of a subject, and [the Santa Fe Reporter] set out to cover it from the perspective of those who make things. The idea: tour factories with assembly lines and report on people who work on them, timed by bells. They hit a wall.

According to the state Economic Development Department, manufacturing employment is down 9 percent in New Mexico during the past five years, which means a loss of nearly 3,000 jobs. Computer and electronic products, furniture and textile mill manufacturing decreased by more than 20 percent during the same time period. 

Broadly defined, manufacturing is any venture in which raw material is converted into a product. When faced with a growing trade deficit and the realization that our economy lacked domestic productivity as the world economy collapsed in 2008, America had an awakening. Sustainability is part of the force behind buying produce from a local farmer and shopping for American denim. 

SFR interviewed representatives and hands-on production employees for a peek into the life of a maker in a world of doers, as well as some insight about the future of the sector that used to be the pride of America. 


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