If you’re thinking about hosting a Manufacturing Day event, it’s a good idea to prepare and know what to expect. Some of Manufacturing Day’s recent blogs, such as “How to Start Planning Your Manufacturing Day Event,” offer help full tips for assessing resources, determining the type of event you’d like to host, publishing your event, and more.


Start Planning Your MFG Day Event The New Host Resources Section

They have updated the Host Resources section of mfgday.com so that it’s a bit more intuitive. There are now dedicated pages for Planning Your Event, Promoting Your Event, and Post-Event Follow-up. Visit the Host Resources section to get started.


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Start Planning Your MFG Day Event Register Your Event!

Ready to jump right in? You can register your event in 5 minutes or less. Even if you plan on a private event, we strongly encourage you to add it to the map. The registration process lets you designate your event “private” to limit your audience.


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