Structural Adhesives

“Structural Adhesives” refers to any type of adhesive used to bond a load bearing joint required for a product’s structural integrity. These joints are the most vital bonds in a product because failure is disastrous to the product’s structure and purpose. As adhesive material technologies advance, manufacturers are progressively interested in how and when to use adhesives in structural bonding and what benefits are offered over welding, rivets. and other fasteners. This article will explain when adhesives are a good choice and compare normally used structural adhesives to alternative fastening techniques.

When to Choose Adhesives

Adhesives are frequently used in bonding automotive components, aerospace applications, and even in surface boats and sealing submarines. These industries have learned to employ adhesives due to cost, weight, time, performance, and aesthetic improvements or to unlock new possibilities that are not possible when using “traditional” fasteners. While appliance manufacturers have also started to utilize adhesives, the full value of adhesives is yet to be attained in this industry.


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