Threaded Fasteners started out as a beloved local company, but by putting customers first and investing in employees, it is now nationally renowned.

When it opened in 1979, Threaded Fasteners had a half-dozen employees. The founders, Frank Martin and Steve Sholtis, were primarily salesman and founded Threaded Fasteners along the Mobile River. What was once local now operates offices in seven U.S. cities handling a nationwide customer base. Their workforce has grown to over 130, all of whom own a portion of the company. This employee stock option program — or ESOP — awards shares based on position and tenure, giving everyone a stake in the company’s performance. 

Growth at Threaded Fasteners is promising and employees have the chance to succeed. Billy Duren started at Threaded Fasteners in its first year sweeping floors and separating nuts and bolts, now he is the company president.

Duren, who was mentored by the co-founders and believes that the company’s strength originates from the strong leadership of the founders. Customers have always been first and the vision for a bright future have fueled growth. “The customer wasn’t always right, they were just always the most important thing,” he said.

Early on, the management believed in vertical integration, making parts itself and controlling the supply chain. Manufacturing growth is a major challenge, but is currently responsible for about 25 percent of company revenue. The national distribution center is operated out of Crichton, but offers also come out of Pensacola, Gulfport, Chattanooga, Panama City, Tampa, Mobile and Tulsa, Oklahoma.

There is also an office and warehouse in Alberta, Canada.

Although its reach is far and wide, Duran feels that their home in Mobile Rover, Alabama. “There’s something about the Mobile area that’s conducive to the family environment,” he said. “The good news is you feel the comfort of being around people who care about you.”

Fair compensation and good benefits to its valuable employees is something that company co-founders Frank Martin and Steve Sholtis believed in from the very beginning and that continues today. Threaded Fasteners values its employees and makes them feel a part of the company. That feeling of belonging keeps enthusiasm and loyalty strong. 

“I wake up every day looking forward to being here,” Duren said.


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