There is no reason to do anything other than act like a media company in today’s digital age.

In today’s day and age, advertising is more affordable than ever before. What used to cost thousands of dollars can now be done for much less due to the digital methods of advertising. Anyone can produce and distribute content which is why you should be.

Creating content can be anything from video, to blog, to email, and more. Make your brand personality stand out and solidify yourself as an industry expert by thinking like a media company. 

Entrepreneur and media powerhouse, Gary Vaynerchuk, has some important words of advice for you here. Below we have compilated some of his key points. Check them out.


What Does It Mean to Be a Media Company First? 

  • Don’t just create, document your story for content. These can include: Day-to-day process, interviewing employees, a selfie on Instagram, or three sentences about the news in your industry.
  • The content you produce doesn’t even need to be related to your product. You can post your favorite articles saying “these are the articles you need to read.”
  • You can still buy ads, but now you can really personalize them through Facebook and other platforms.
  • Message every single individual with more than 500 followers in your area and attempt to provide value.
  • Tap into culture or relevant happenings within reason.
  • Think like a media company or lose out!


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