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Exploring the drivers of exceptional shareholder return for automotive suppliers

To explore what actions have resulted in superior performance and enterprise value creation, Deloitte analyzed more than a decade of data for more than 200 Tier 1 global automotive suppliers to identify “winning” themes that consistently generated above-average shareholder value.

Our research analyzed 213 Tier-1 global automotive suppliers with automotive revenue of $500M+ based in the North America (43 suppliers), Europe (47 suppliers), Japan (91 suppliers), China and India (18 suppliers), and other parts of the world (14 suppliers).

Segments included electronics (31 suppliers), powertrain (75 suppliers), chassis (61 suppliers), exteriors (49 suppliers), and interiors/HVAC (41 suppliers).

We also conducted a survey of automotive supplier executives, primarily in North America, to understand their perspectives on how they have executed against the themes, and how they are likely to execute in the next five years.

Study overview

  • Who are the top performers that created superior total shareholder return?
  • Who are the top performers within a product segment and regional basis?
  • How did the winners perform across financial and operational metrics versus the rest of the suppliers?
  • For the top performers, what were the winning themes that emerged relative to what they have done to drive shareholder value?
  • How do those winning themes translate into continued superior performance in the future?
  • What are the strategic and operational levers used to execute the winning themes and deliver exceptional shareholder value?​

Global Automotive Supplier Study: Exploring Drivers of Shareholder Return

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