Today’s B2B marketers need to develop a consistent marketing message across all channels and move the focus from the product to the buyer’s preferences, Forrester Research says in a new report. 

Digital marketing has opened vast new channels for marketers to shower potential customers with information about products. But as the buying dynamic shifts the focus from a seller’s products to its overall sales and service capabilities, many business-to-business marketers find it difficult to settle on a unifying theme for their marketing messages, says a new report from Forrester Research Inc.

Keeping marketing staff on message has never been an easy task for B2B marketing leaders, according to Forrester’s vice president and principal B2B marketing analyst Lori Wizdo, lead author of the report titled “B2B Marketers Must Step Up Message Management.” As marketers home in on stronger message management, there are several key market conditions to consider, including the following.

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