Sometimes, when you tell people that you work for an electronics distributor, their eyes might light up with fascination. The era of personal electronics can be dawning and the public is mesmerized. You might say that you work primarily with industrial manufacturers, and their eyes instantly glaze over. While consumer electronics was considered sexy, the industrial sector was more utilitarian. Critical of course, but hardly fodder for cocktail party chitchat.

People’s reaction today might be the same, but the industrial sector has changed dramatically over the past several decades. With growing adoption of game-changing Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and cloud-based tools and platforms, the sector is becoming pretty darn cool.

This digital transformation will undoubtedly be more difficult for small to medium-size enterprises (SME) in the industrial sector. Many of these companies are still entrenched in a traditional “brick and mortar” business model. But, as overwhelming as it may seem, this journey can be undertaken like any other: one step at a time.

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