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While the manufacturing industry is experiencing a rebirth in America, there is also a movement to get more women into manufacturing jobs and advancing in their careers. According to to the Joint Economic Committee of the United States Congress, women hold fewer than one third of the manufacturing jobs in the U.S., the lowest average since 1971. More manufacturing jobs are being created every day, and it’s time for women to have their share of the success.

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Deloitte (@DeloitteUS) and The Manufacturing Institute (@TheMfgInstitute) worked in conjunction to publish a report which concluded that women are the manufacturing industry’s most “untapped resource.” Women hold more than half of the professional positions in America, but unfortunately this doesn’t apply when it comes to positions in manufacturing. Senior executives from the automotive, aerospace, defense, process, and manufacturing industries surveyed for the report agreed that awareness of careers in manufacturing should start as early as fourth grade. The manufacturing industry needs to be more proactive about promoting and supporting technical skills that students will need later to be successful in manufacturing.

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In 2014, The Manufacturing Institute honored 160 women with Women in Manufacturing STEP (science, technology, engineering, and production) Awards. The awards bring recognition to women who have excelled in the manufacturing industry, and aims to show the next generation of young women what a career in manufacturing can do for them.

Organizations like Women in Manufacturing (@WomeninMfg), Women in Technology (@WITWomen), Women in the Fastener Industry (@fastenerwomen), and Million Women Mentors (@MillionWMentors) are working tirelessly to attract women to these industries as well as mentor and advance. Membership in these organizations leads to countless networking, scholarship, and development opportunities. Success can be achieved with support from peers, and the amazing women that make up these organizations are leading the way.


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