Company: Garuda Metalindo | International Fastener Expo 2017 | Booth#1616

Contact: Anthony Wijaya

PT Garuda Metalindo Tbk manufactures and sells industrial components and sub components in Indonesia. It primarily offers nuts and bolts for use in motorcycle parts, auto parts, and other industries. The company was founded in 1982 and is headquartered in North Jakarta, Indonesia. PT Garuda Metalindo Tbk is a subsidiary of PT Garuda Multi Investama.

Address: Jl. Kapuk Kamal Raya No. 23

North Jakarta,  14470


Founded in 1982

1,598 Employees


Can you please give us your Name, Company Name and where you are located? Anthony Wijaya, PT. Garuda Metalindo Tbk., Jakarta, Indonesia.

Can you tell us about the products you manufacture? We manufacture steel fasteners and engineered components mainly for the OEM and Tier 1 automotive industry in Indonesia.

How important is the US market to your overall business strategy? We see US as a very important market with huge potential for us to grow our business into. We currently have no business in the US but are already engaging in several development projects with a few companies.

What industries or regions do you see future growth and potential? We still see the automotive industry as the basis of growth for our company both domestically (Indonesia) as well as the international market. With the increased globalization of automotive companies all over the world, this presents a huge opportunity for high quality manufacturers in low-cost countries such as us. 

Does your country face the growing global concern of talented and skilled workforce shortages? Yes we also face this concern. There is no formal education for fasteners in Indonesia and all of our talents are developed from inside the company. 

What have been the biggest changes you’ve seen in the industry? Fasteners are all around us but usually unseen. Without fasteners, there would be no assembled products in the world. As the economy grows, fastener industry would be one of the first to follow as production of goods would increase and most of them require fasteners.

Is your company looking at new technologies such as Additive Manufacturing and 3D printing? Not at the moment.

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