Fastener Fair USA is ramping up to be the “can’t miss” event in the fastener and fixing industry. Every week, new exhibitors, educational sessions, and events are being added to Fastener Fair USA, scheduled for April 11-12, 2018, in Cleveland, Ohio. There are three key reasons why you must attend Fastener Fair USA next year – Exhibitors Representing the Entire Supply Chain, Unique Industry Education and Insights, and Networking Opportunities.

One of the most important reasons you should attend Fastener Fair USA is that we are bringing exhibitors from the entire supply chain together in one place, which is unique to the industry. Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, supplier, OEM, or end user, the show will offer a firsthand look at the latest solutions and technology available in the marketplace. Not only are we making it easy to find what you need, but we have located the show in the heart of the Midwest manufacturing region, making it easy for many companies to attend.

“Fastener Fair has been very successful in Europe especially, and we look forward to this being the premier event in North America,” said Andrew Pfeifer, Business Manager at Atotech USA. “The Cleveland location is central to many in the industry, so I believe it will draw many attendees.” Atotech will be showcasing their Zintek ONE and Zintek 300 coating systems, which were developed exclusively for the fastener industry, at the upcoming inaugural Fastener Fair USA.

Larry Kelly, Business Development Manager at Buckeye Fasteners Company, is also excited about this inaugural show coming to the U.S. for the first time. “I found out that Fastener Fair USA was coming to Cleveland because I am involved in the North Coast Fastener Association. There was buzz that the show was coming here for the first time and we were excited. We had a good experience before with the European version of the show and this is in our backyard.”

He added, “Based on what we saw at Fastener Fair Stuttgart, how well the show was run and how organized everything was, we were impressed. I have never been to a show that size before. Despite the size of the show, the organizers did a great job of keeping us informed, on schedule and directed us to where we needed to go.” Buckeye Fasteners Company will be showcasing a lot of the new products they have developed in the last 6 months, especially in the area of resistance welding aluminum and aluminum weld fasteners. 

The Entire Supply Chain Represented

Over 200 exhibitors from around the world will be participating, and we expect more. The main product categories that exhibitors represent include:

  • Industrial fasteners and fixings
  • Construction fixings
  • Assembly and installation systems
  • Fastener manufacturing technology
  • Storage, distribution, and factory equipment
  • Information, communication, and services
  • Fastener production machinery, tool and die, and supplies

“We are excited about the variety of exhibitors representing multiple categories within the fastener industry,” said our own Jessica Boweak, Exhibition Manager for Fastener Fair USA. “These exhibitors will be showcasing products and solutions for a number of industry segments like automotive, aerospace, wind power, and consumer electronics.”

Some exhibitors indicated that they are looking forward to using the show to educate existing customers and prospects about new products, solutions and services.

“The industry thinks they know Continental-Aero but business has changed and so have we,” said Kelly Wiechen, Chief Operating Officer of Continental-Aero. “Our job at the Fair will be making sure our customers, old and new, know about the progressive changes we’ve made and will continue to make over the next few years. Highlights will be our expanded product offerings and the introduction of our new state-of-the-art lab featuring torque tension, COF and Vibration testing.”

Luann Racca, Assistant Sales Manager at Superior Washer & Gasket Corporation added, “We are going to be showcasing the depth and breadth of our products. We have over 350 thousand high-quality, American-made washers and gaskets in stock. We will try to take as much as we can to show customers the variety of products we make.”

Some exhibitors have experience with the Fastener Fair shows in Europe and are looking forward to a similar experience in the U.S.

Sherex is aware of the high quality of the Fastener Fair Stuttgart show, and we have strategic partners who have exhibited there successfully,” said Renee Fisher, Marketing and Sales Operations Manager, Sherex Fastening Solutions. “When we heard of the inaugural Fastener Fair USA option, we knew we wanted to participate.” Along with their fasteners for thin sheet metal attachments, Sherex will be showcasing their new wedge locking washer product line, the TEC Series. “We launched this product last summer, and it has been received positively as a high performance, high quality, cost-effective solution to the challenge of vibrational loosening,” Fisher added. 

Earnest Machine attended the Fastener Fair show in Stuttgart and expects attendees will experience something similar at the inaugural show in the U.S. “As a company we attended the Fastener Fair show in Germany with our European offices,” said Patrick Ginnetti, Marketing Manager at Earnest Machine. “The show is always well received and is viewed as ‘the event’ to attend. We are excited to have the inaugural event right in our backyard, in Cleveland.”

Here is a breakdown of just a few of the exhibitors and categories that will be at Fastener Fair USA in April.


Industrial Fasteners and Fixings

Aluminum Fastener Supply Co.

Bralo Group

Buckeye Fasteners

Easylink Industrial Company

Fall River Manufacturing

Lindstrom Fasteners

Nucor Fasteners

Rotor Clip

Superior Washer

Tramec Continental-Aero

Vogelsang Fastener Solutions


Fastener and Parts Coating Technologies


Dorken MKS-Systeme




Carlo Salvi

Intools Incorporated

Sacma Group


Fastener Inspection Services

Regg Inspection Services


Tooling/Drive Systems

Philips Screw Company

Wrentham Tool Group


Master Distributors

Earnest Machine

Brighton Best International


Automotive/OEM Specific Solutions

TR Fastenings


The floor map is available on the Fastener Fair USA website, so visitors can start to plan their visit to make the most of their show experience. See the full list of over 200  exhibitors committed to the show to date. 

To learn more about Fastener Fair USA visit or call +1 866-899-4728.

Our next post will highlight the unique industry educational sessions and insights you won’t want to miss at Fastener Fair USA coming to Cleveland, Ohio in April!





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