This year marks the fifth anniversary of the Fastener News Desk Best Booth Awards. We worked the show floor looking for the best in all categories. Many of you did an outstanding job of upping your game this year!

The 2018 International Fastener Expo was held at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Convention Center. This was a different venue for the event for the third year. We much prefer the locations where everything is under one roof. Nonetheless, you sure do get your exercise walking back and forth from the hotel to the expo floor. That was an adventure in itself. You never know who you’ll meet along the way. Only is Vegas!

The show floor was the largest of any of the fastener shows that we have attended. Nice wide aisles conveniently located restrooms, a snack bar, and the central workshop area that was busy all day long.

From the time of arrival right through to the end of the show there was an event to attend. Educational programs, sourcing opportunities, welcome reception, Hall of Fame awards, and the Beer Garden with nice prizes from the International Fastener Expo and Parker Fasteners to close the show. 

We always enjoy seeing our industry peers and appreciate their efforts to make the show experience both fun and successful.

Maybe it was the new location, the extra show floor space or the prospect of winning a Best Booth Award, but we identified a marked improvement in this year’s booths. We noticed that both the size of the booths and the design of the booths stepped up this year. Nice job exhibitors!

Fastener News Desk wants to say a special thank you to Emerald Expositions and all of the exhibitors that so generously took the time to speak with us and have their booth pictures taken. We’re very grateful for the opportunity to serve the industry we are very passionate about.

Which made it all the more difficult to choose and leads us to this year’s Best Booth Award winners…Drum roll please


And the 2018 Best Booth Award Winners are!


The 2018 Best Booth Award Goes To Brighton Best!

Brighton Best International is a presence every year but this year they had it all! Their dedication to distribution, the fastener industry and their employees goes unrivaled. Brighton Best’s very colorful booth was filled with enthusiastic employees eager to share information about the many lines they now offer such as Ironclad Gloves, Proferred and Kong just to name a few. That’s not all, they also offer vending machine solutions too!

Brighton Best also provided a very nice Halloween evening, with drinks, good food, desserts, a photo booth experience, raffles and a fun time networking with industry friends old and new.

We also would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Peggy Hsieh & Jun Xu on receiving the International Fastener Expo Young Professionals Award, and wish them continued success.

On January 2, 2008, Brighton-Best Socket Screw Mfg. was bought by a consortium of investors from Taiwan headed by Mr. Robert Shieh, President of Ta Chen International, Inc. ( In 1986, Mr. Shieh founded Ta Chen International, Inc., a dominant supplier of valves, pipe, bar, coil, sheet and flat plate in Stainless Steel and other Non Ferrous materials. Ta Chen has distribution warehouses in 8 major industrial markets in the United States with corporate headquarters located in Long Beach, California.

The newly formed company, Brighton-Best International, Inc. (BBI), offers new products, more extensive inventory, world class service, quality products, and a new 24 hr. online web ordering web site

All the employees of Brighton-Best International, Inc. look forward to the challenges of the future and hope through our dedication to quality products and superior service, Brighton-Best will be your first call when it comes to fasteners.

Visit them online:

Get all the recent news from Brighton Best!


Best Customer Experience Award:

From the booth to the bar the folks at Kanebridge Corporation treat their customers right! Kanebridge brought their game this year with a brand new look and space for their booth. They provided a by invitation luncheon for their clients. Which is always a treat after the hustle on the the show floor. For evening networking they provided an open bar at the EyeCandy Lounge in Mandalay Bay! Their commitment to distributors and their team defines fastener family.

A Master Distributor of Industrial Fasteners. Kanebridge is a distributor of Commercial and Military-Grade fasteners in inch and metric sizes. We carry over 3.83 billion pieces in inventory throughout 3 locations from coast to coast.  We are committed to offering the highest level of service in the industry.

Visit them online:


Best Group Award:

This very dapper team at American Ring puts it together so well! Their new booth space, design and attention to detail right down to the industrial overalls and bow ties! This team is unique and brings their ‘A(R)’ game year after year. Great job gentlemen!

American Ring manufactures and supplies retaining rings, snap rings, and Belleville Disc Springs. We are a family company committed to quality and service, providing our customers with true solutions. American Ring is big enough to matter and small enough to care. 

We pride ourselves on delivering service unmatched in the industry, taking our business personally, and always trying to ask the right questions.

Visit them online:

In the news: American Ring Acquires S&M Retaining Ring



Best Character Award:

Stelfast was feeling their superpowers this year with their Super Stelfast Monkey ready to conquer the world! The talk was on way before the industry had even arrived in Las Vegas for the International Fastener Expo. What color would the Stelfast Monkey be this year? With the recent acquisition of Stelfast by Harbour Groups’ Lindstrom, we were guessing green. Then it was like it’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s Super Stelfast Monkey sporting a red cape on the red carpet!

Stelfast Inc. is a leading importer; stocking master distributor of fasteners and specialty parts from Asia, Europe, and South America and manufacturer of truck and specialty fasteners.

With a knowledgeable and dedicated team of employees, Stelfast has expanded to ten regional distribution centers across North America.  Stelfast is a family owned and operated company. We offer over 12,000 SKU’s of fastener products direct from stock, including many lines of bolts, cap screws, nuts, screws, and washers in variety of finishes. We offer per print, specials, and standards either direct from mill, cross dock, or stock and release.

Visit them online:

Stelfast in the news: Harbour Group’s Lindstrom Acquires Stelfast



Best Giveaway:

AFIXX/Crossroad Nothing more American than baseball! The theme was carried out in a fun and interactive environment. Attendees had the opportunity to play baseball virtually. They even gave a real BIG baseball trophy for the winner. They gave away stadium seat cushions, bat pens, baseball cards and balls autographed. They didn’t miss a beat with the theme, drinks and little baseball chocolates were served to celebrate Halloween. But the best giveaway of all was the experience of sitting down with three Major League Baseball legends and getting to talk baseball with them. It’s no stretch to say that the AFIXX Crossroad Team hit a grand slam this year!

AFIXX Alliance®, a division of Pacific Warehouse Sales, has established itself as an innovation leader in the fastener industry. With our easy to use E-commerce site;, our friendly and knowledgeable staff, and our eagerness to provide you with the best customer experience possible, AFIXX wants you to be a part of our family.

Crossroad Distributor Source is your source for quality thread inserts, blind rivets, the best-selling Black Book technical reference series, and other tools and accessories. We are a master distributor, supplying industrial and fastener distributors throughout North America, Mexico, and the Caribbean. We are proud of our commitment to service our customers in a world-class fashion and our ability to provide the technical expertise to support that distribution chain.

Best New Product:

STYK-FIT 7 by Bryce Fastener Security and speed sets this product apart from the rest! Bryce Fastener continues to lead the market in security fastener products. If you don’t know Bryce Campbell, you should! He is one of the most innovative fastener companies in our industry. He has patented many different security drives and his Stykfit7 technology is off the charts cool. Bryce Fastener takes fastening seriously from the product itself right down to the fastening application technology.

Bryce Fastener has combined security and productivity. Finally.

Protected by worldwide patents, STYKFIT®7 incorporates the best features of other drive systems to create a superior driving fastener. It indexes faster than Phillips®, torques higher than Torx®, sticks to the bit better than Robertson®(square drive); creating the highest performing fastener ever made.

Tolerances between the screwdriver and the screw are reduced to less than .0005. This is in comparison to other fasteners that can have up to .010. This creates a near weld-like bond which allows one-handed installation, and the ability to pick up and place the assembly piece in position. Ease of use and improved installation times are the result. If you’re looking to make gains in productivity and efficiency, this is it. 

Bryce Fastener combined security and productivity. Protected by worldwide patents, STYKFIT®7 incorporates the best features of other drive systems to create a superior driving fastener. It indexes faster than Phillips®, torques higher than Torx®, sticks to the bit better than Robertson® (square drive); creating the highest performing fastener ever made.

Founded in 1972, Bryce Fastener, Inc. designs and manufactures custom bolts, custom nuts and custom designed screws for security applications. Bryce specialty fasteners help customers in industries such as electronics, solar, retail, financial, construction, military, government, utilities, corrections, financial and more solve a wide range of unique and demanding applications.

Find out more about the: STYK-FIT 7 by Bryce Fastener

Best Creativity:

Elegant and refined, Parker Fasteners booth showed how sexy fasteners can really be! Parker Fasteners has continued to be a strong contestant for the Best Booth Awards over the past few years. This company is so creative in so many ways. From the ‘fastenating’ furnishings in their luxury booth, too the ultra soft ‘forging the future’ tees, their booth and participation in the expo is exceptional. show attendees had a chance to win a set of the handcrafted fastener bar stools as as a prize in a business card drawing.

Parker Fasteners, your premier cold heading manufacturer located in Goodyear, Arizona who sources all raw materials from American sources, including DFARS compliance. Parker takes great pride in making quality socket drive fasteners, meeting customer product specifications, and delivering on or before promised due dates. Our experienced master cold headermen and operating managers offer combined industry experience of over 200 years. Parker nurtures this unique depth of experience and a high level of innovation to provide quality customer support and strong growth.

Visit Parker Fasteners online to learn more about their products.

Best International Booth:

 First year Dörken brings their European charm to the states! The Dörken booth stood out at this years International Fastener Expo! They not always had the biggest bolt in town, their showcases were much like being in a fine jewelry store. The European flare definitely won them this year’s Best International Booth Award.

As pioneers für lacquers and corrosion protection Dr. Carl Dörken and Ewald Dörken established their own company more than 120 years ago. Since then Dörken MKS has developed consequently to one of the leading corrosion experts worldwide. This great tradition is also our aspiration for the future.

A total of 30 years of experience and cutting-​edge technology have turned Dörken MKS systems into corrosion experts. They offer solutions that are tailored to the individual needs of customers. THE CORROSION COLLEGE is also launched – a platform for knowledge transfer and mutual exchange.

Visit Dörken online

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