In 2018, sales originating on B2B eCommerce websites soared past the trillion dollar milestone, growing 11% to $1.1 trillion. When added to sales originating from legacy EDI and e-procurement systems, which increasingly flow through business eCommerce platforms, total electronic transactions for the first time last year accounted for a majority of the $15 trillion of purchases made by U.S. businesses.

That this remarkable event went unreported is evidence that B2B eCommerce is far more complex than its B2C counterpart. The 2019 U.S. B2B Ecommerce Market Report cuts through the complexity and provides the first ever in-depth look at the major electronic channels of B2B sales, revealing how and why they are linking together and what’s driving their growth.

The 59-page downloadable 2019 U.S. B2B Ecommerce Market Report includes:

  • 20+ charts detailing key trends in B2B eCommerce
  • Analysis of the three main channels of electronic B2B transactions, with estimates of sales and growth in each channel and key trends
  • Insights from our exclusive survey data of B2B players on their eCommerce plans and priorities, their participation in Amazon Business and other marketplaces, and the inhibitors to their eCommerce growth
  • An in-depth look at Amazon Business, including the features it offers that account for its popularity, number of sellers and how it’s impacted other B2B players
  • Insights on personalization on B2B sites and how punch-out software can boost online sales

Four case studies of how companies are investing to improve their B2B websites, overcome internal obstacles to eCommerce and boost online sales

  • In 2018, electronic channels accounted for 50.7% of U.S. business-to-business transactions
  • B2B ecommerce websites and marketplaces increased their sales 11.0% in 2018 to $1.082 trillion
  • Of manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers that do not now operate ecommerce site 75% plan to launch them within two years

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