At the end of the IFE Meet & Greet, we co-hosted a Virtual Fastener Bash & Trivia Contest with Cris Young of Fastener News Desk. Celebrity guest, Carmen Vertulo, asked the questions and prizes were donated by myself, Fastener News Desk, Volt Industrial Products, LINK Magazine and Solution Industries. Participants connected to the contest through their phones and answered the questions in real time and we immediately knew the results at the end of the contest. It went off better than I might have expected and was actually a lot of fun. For those who missed the quiz, here are the questions that were asked by Carmen. Later I plan to post a copy with the answers highlighted.  

  1. What was the first year of the International Fastener Expo (previously the National Industrial Fastener & Mill Supply Expo) held in Columbus, Ohio?  a. 1979 b. 1981 c. 1982 d. 1984


  1. What year was the first show held in Las Vegas? a. 1996 b. 1997 c. 1998 d. 2000


  1. What does RoHS stand for? a. Restriction of Hazardous Substances b. Restriction of High Standards c. Really Obvious Hard Stuff d. Restriction of Harmful Substances


  1. Who is the director of Engineering Technology for the IFI? a. Carmen Vertullo b. Salim Brahimi c. Dan Walker d. Rob Lapointe


  1. For a couple years, the Fastener Show traveled and was known as the Fastener Show East. What other cities has the IFE show been held in other than Columbus and Las Vegas (choose two)? a. Orlando b. Baltimore. c. Cleveland d. Kansas City


  1. IFE has been held in four different locations in Las Vegas. Which location has it NOT been held at: a. Paris/Bally’s b. Sands Convention c. Westgate/Las Vegas d. The Mirage e. Mandalay Bay


  1. When do metric thread designations require the thread pitch to be called out? a. When coarse threads are used b. When fine threads are used. c. All the time


  1. What is the thread tolerance for all metric fasteners except PC 12.9 socket screws? a. 6g external, 6H internal b. 2A/2B c. 5g6g


  1. Back when the show was held in Columbus, the central gathering location was on the 2nd floor of what gathering spot? a. Hilton b. Hyatt c. Char Bar d. Varsity Club e. Larry’s


  1. What does ISO stand for?  a. International Organization for Standardization b. Industrial Standards Originale c. Industrial Standards Organization


  1. Which individual was inducted into the National Fastener Hall of Fame in 2016? a. Bruce Wheeler b. Bill Derry c. Robbie Gilchrist d. Bob Sachs


  1. We all know ASTM International as an international standards organization that develops and publishes technical standards. What did ASTM stand for (the full name as it was previously know)? a.Agreed Systems for Testing Materials b. American Society for Testing and Materials c. American System for Testing Materials d. American Society for Threaded Materials


  1. Who is the current President of the Young Fastener Professionals (YFP)? a.Baron Yarborough b. Jake Glaser c. Jessi Solt d. John Radel


  1. Who was the founder of the association Young Fastener Professionals? a.Baron Yarborough b. Ryan Kertis c. Bryan Wheeler d. Morgan Wilson


  1. True or False– Generally, the strength of steel increases as hardness increases?


  1. The most common fastener failure modes are: a. Tensile or shear overload, fatigue failure, and thread stripping b. Hydrogen Embrittlement and corrosion c. Over tightening and torsional overload


  1. Name the two people who started WIFI (Women in the Fastener Industry)  a. Mary Lou Alderman b. Rosa Hearn c. Joanne Bialas d. Pam Berry e. Cris Young


  1. What year was the first broadcast of Fully Threaded Radio? a. 2009 b. 2010 c. 2011 d. 2012


  1. Nylon patch, pellet and strip locking elements achieve their effectiveness through: a. Adhesive reaction with the nylon and the metal b. Friction between the nylon and the metal c. Metal to metal friction at the points opposite from the elements


  1. Steel and alloy fasteners become susceptible to hydrogen embrittlement if hardness is above: a. HRC 36 b. Grade 5 c. HRC 39


  1. Who is the current President of NFDA? a. Doug Ruggles b. Kelly Cole c. Adam Derry d. Kevin Miller


  1. The following fasteners are not susceptible to hydrogen embrittlement:  a. Grade 5 and Grade 8 bolts b. ASTM A574 socket head cap screw and PC 12.9 bolts c. Split lock washers


  1. When matching the nut strength to the bolt strength:  a. The bolt must be stronger than the nut b. The nut’s specified proof load strength must be equal to or greater than the bolt’s tensile strength c. The nut and the bolt must come from the same supplier


  1. Who is the current President of Women in the Fastener Industry (WIFI)? a. Rosa Hearn b. Jackie Ventura c. Jennifer Kushnir d. Taryn Goodman


  1. According to ASTM fastener specifications, the party responsible for the fastener is: a. The organization that supplies the fastener to the purchaser b. The end user c. The fastener manufacturer


  1. What does the .9 mean in PC 12.9 ?  a. The yield strength is the .9 x the tensile strength b. The yield strength is 900 MPa c. The tensile strength for larger fasteners is 900 MPa


  1. Inch size commercial Dowel Pins are covered by: a.There is no specification for dowel pins b. ASTM B18.3 c. ASTM B18.8.2 d. ASME B18.8.1


  1. The specification for inch prevailing torque lock nuts is: a. SAE J995 b. ASTM A563 c. ASME B18.16.6 d. ASME B18.2.2


  1. Inch Sockets Head Cap Screw made of alloy steel covered by which specifications: a. The IFI b. ISO 898-1 c. ASME B18.2.1 and ASTM A193 d. ASME B18.3, ASTM A574 and ASTM A193


  1. Materials for stainless steel metric socket products are covered in a. ASME B18.3 b. ASTM A574M c. ISO 3506-1


Answers to these question coming soon!

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