Fastener News Desk caught up with Würth Industry North America to Meet the Hosts of the NEW YouTube series, very cleverly named Würth Knowing! We have had our eye on Würth over the past year or two after several industry acquisitions, their utilization of  additive manufacturing /3D Printing technology expanding further on their value-added services, their Fastener Academy training, and their ability to continue to forge a path forward for distribution globally. 

Würth Knowing was inspired by Würth Industry North America’s industry-renowned Fastener Academy training. The show’s initial episodes dive into topics related to fastener engineering, bolted joint design, and fastener assembly. From basic to complex concepts discussion, demonstrations, and testing help viewers learn and understand the science behind fastening in an educational and entertaining manner.

The new series will be hosted by Randy Lammers, WINA Technical Instructor, and Aaron Keevan, WINA Applications Engineer. The filming and set take place in Randy’s east Texas workshop.

The series’ first season of Würth Knowing will be delivered in 15-20 minute episodes on WINA’s YouTube channel, sharing Würth’s expertise on fastener-related topics. In season two, Würth plans to expand beyond fasteners to cover a wide range of industry-related topics promoting education and innovation in the industry.

Mark your calendars!



Now, let’s get to know the hosts!


Tell us about the conception process, lessons learned? How long does it take to film an episode?


Randy Lammers, WINA Technical Instructor

Randy: We started the series utilizing the most requested Fastener Academy classes we have been teaching over the past 8 years. We wanted to take this education to the next level and provide this offering to everyone. Filming an episode takes a lot of work and co-hosting has been a learning experience as we have realized how to bounce ideas off one another. 






Aaron Keevan, WINA Applications Engineer

Aaron: The difficult part was transitioning what is an in-person class of Würth Fastener Academy to a show that will at minimum capture the high points of technical fastener content. Also, while Randy and I have both presented in the past independently, we had to engage in dialogue for the show. We have found that planning is critical to capture this technical content and provide a creative and engaging show. Each episode takes about 3 hours to film, as we film multiple shots of the same dialogue plus insert shots.




How much fun did you all have setting up the shop?

Randy: I built the shop for personal projects such as restoring our 1972 Ford Explorer pick-up truck that I bought new and drove in high school. You will see the truck in the show. It was a simple operation to transform one corner of the shop to accommodate the show set. My granddaughter Audrey helped build the workbenches utilized in the show.


Aaron: It was a blast setting up the set at the shop! Our entire team collaborated with the video production company, and molded our ideas into reality. I really love how the neon sign pops in almost every scene!


The use of technology and content to reach new audiences is critical. Can you tell us who your target audience is for the Wurth Knowing YouTube series?

Randy: The initial target audience is mechanical engineers. Fastener assembly design is not well taught in degree programs, and engineers are begging for this knowledge as they face the challenges we address in each episode. However, the show will also appeal to quality, purchasing, and operations personnel as we discuss aspects of assembly that effect all departments.


Aaron: Our primary target audience are engineers working in industrial manufacturing. I would also add that even folks outside of engineering will gain some insights on fastener technology by watching the show.


Tell us about the Fastener Academy and how it serves your sales teams and engineers?

Randy: When I was first approached about the concept of the Fastener Academy, I thought someone had lost their mind. An engineer would never spend a day sitting in a fastener distributor’s conference room listening to someone rattle on and on about screws. I was told, build it, and let’s see if they come. Well, was I ever wrong! Not only do they come but they’re asking for more. Product manufacturers desperately need their engineers to obtain this knowledge to drive product improvement, manufacturing efficiency, and reduce cost. The Fastener Academy has built a high trust in Würth’s ability to be a true driving partner in their customers’ success.


The fastener industry has not been very innovative in the sense of technology, what drives you to create today’s solutions?

Aaron: This is a great question.  While it is certainly true that the fastener industry has not evolved at the pace of many other industries, we are certainly seeing innovations occurring. Did you know that it is now possible to place a Wi-Fi connected bolt in bolted joint assemblies to monitor that proper tension is maintained while in service? Würth, as of the past year has rapidly expanded into the market with our 3D printing capabilities, which, in combination with our world-class inventory management program, is providing real time supply chain solutions for our customers. The main purpose of creating Würth Knowing is to provide our technical knowledge of fastener assembly to the equipment manufacturing industry, and to the fastener industry. Within the past year the world has transitioned to a more virtual facing environment. It was obvious that we needed to create something unique with some entertainment value to provide this content. We are staying informed and leading innovations in the industry, and moving forward we will certainly discuss cutting-edge technologies in future Würth Knowing episodes.


Are you saving the funny outtakes?

Randy: Well, I have been told yes, and some may come back to haunt me. We have had a lot of laughs during this journey. The film crew, marketing team and Aaron and I have become good friends and you will certainly feel this in the show.


Aaron: Oh I’m sure there are going to be quite a few outtakes. We had a lot of good laughs along the way during filming. Keeping the mood light made filming so much easier.







Recent Press Release about NEW series:

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About Würth Industry North America

Würth Industry North America

Würth Industry North America (WINA) is a $1 billion division of the Würth Group, the world’s largest fastener distribution company. As a part of the Würth Group founded in 1945, WINA is a privately held, family-owned business that believes collaboration and partnerships make better business. They have strategically aligned a collective of companies: Würth Action Bolt, Würth Adams, Würth Additive Group, Würth Des Moines Bolt, Würth House of Threads, Würth Industry Canada, Würth Industry de Mexico, Würth Revcar, Würth Service Supply, Würth Snider, Würth SW Industry (Würth Brazil), Würth Timberline, Marine Fasteners, Northern Safety & Industrial, Oliver H. Van Horn, and Weinstock Bros., consisting of more than 110 locations across North America that allow industries to have better planning, parts management, and inventory accuracy. As industry solution drivers, WINA works together onsite by offering products and services such as 3D printing and additive services, digital Kanban, construction services, engineering assistance, quality control, inventory management, vending, safety supplies, kitting and assembly, structural fasteners, and MRO/industrial supplies. With over 420,000 parts in their international supply chain, WINA not only provides each customer with an extensive global reach but also a local feel from a deep investment in an ever-expanding network of North American locations across the United States, Canada, and Mexico.


Würth Knowing YouTube Series Coming Soon!


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