Learn what drives ecommerce success for distributors and manufacturers in the Product Genius Technology, Fastener Industry: The Digital Landscape 2021 report.


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  • The importance of marketing opportunities in creating demand for digital commerce
  • How distributors and manufacturers are making digital investments that drive growth
  • Find out how to measure your digital status compared to leading industrial distributors
  • Necessary strategies to best serve your digital success
  • Customer experience builds todays loyal clients
  • Where does your company rank?


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Cris A. Young

Cris A. Young | CEO

Cris holds two technology patents for a customer experience eCommerce technology for industrial suppliers. She has more than 30 years of industrial supply experience including logistics, sales, marketing, and digital strategy in both public and private organizations. Cris’ longtime industrial supply experience allows an inside view of distributors and manufacturers challenges and needs when developing a digital strategy. Cris is a frequent speaker at both B2B technology and fastener industry events.


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