The International Fastener Expo (IFE) was successfully held last week in Las Vegas. The attendance was lower than previous years with the pandemic still on the minds of most business people and families in general, but it didn’t stop an industry that’s made of steel (literally) from gathering for the biggest fastener show in North America. The 2020 IFE had been cancelled, so the enthusiasm for the 2021 expo was in full swing. The IFE never disappoints with their opening poolside party! Fully Threaded Radio reported that the 2021 International Fastener Expo surprised many with its stronger than expected attendance and upbeat feel. Hear about the results of the hotly contested 2nd annual IFE golf tournament. Check out FTR’s Special Report from the IFE floor. Click here.

The IFE’s coveted Fastener Hall of Fame Awards were live on the expo floor and recipients not in attendance provided a recorded acceptance speech. The IFE Fastener Hall of Fame recognizes professionals who have made significant and enduring contributions to the industrial fastener industry on a national or global scale. Individuals selected for induction join other honored industry members, including but not limited to inventors, business leaders, and educators. The recipients are recognized at a special event during the International Fastener Expo and receive a commemorative plaque. 

Before moving to Las Vegas, the IFE (National Industrial Fastener & Mill Supply Expo (NIFMSE) was held for many years at the Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio. Each year the expo inducted individuals that had made significant contributions in the fastener industry, into the ‘Fastener Hall of Fame’. To honor the recipients a Fastener Hall of Fame walkway had been created with the names of the inductees next to the expo center. If you want to learn how the bricks were recovered and saved read more from and tune into Fully Threaded Episode 102 – Paver Savers!

This year marked the first time in 24 years that a woman has been nominated and selected for the Fastener Hall of Fame. Congratulations go out to Nancy Rich, Executive Director for the MWFA, NEFDA and SEFA fastener associations. Nancy’s career spans almost 40 years. Her dedication to our industry makes her so deserving of this prestigious industry  recognition.   

Congratulations to all of the 2021 inductees! 


And the 2021 IFE Fastener Hall of Fame and Young Fastener Professional Award Inductees are...


Kerr Lakeside Inc.

Charlie Kerr, Chairman of PMPA member company Kerr Lakeside Inc. (Euclid, OH) was one of three industry professionals inducted with this year’s International Fastener Expo Hall of Fame class.  International Fastener Expo announced the recipients of the 2021 Hall of Fame Awards in conjunction with their exposition last week in Las Vegas.
The Hall of Fame Award recognizes those who have made lasting inputs to the fastener industry on a national or global scale and who have a record of integrity and respect in the industry. Considering the number of global fastener manufacturers and distributors, to even be identified for consideration for this award is special.

Kerr Lakeside Inc. joined PMPA in 1950 and has been an active member ever since. Charlie represents the third of four generations combining for over 130 years of Kerr Lakeside management and leadership in the precision machining and fastener industry.  
Charlie’s father Richard was inducted into the International Fastener Expo Hall of Fame in 1990.  It is truly special that the International Fastener Expo Hall of Fame would recognize two individuals from not only the same company, but the same family and both being active in the PMPA.  


NOTE: During Charlie’s acceptance speech, which was recorded at PMPA headquarters, he emphasized the value of being an active participant in industry related trade associations. Renee Merker, PMPA Director of Communications and Events, was honored to introduce Charlie in his acceptance video.






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