Startup NASA - Put NASA technologies to work for you with Startup NASA

NASA is opening the doors to its patented technology with the new Startup NASA initiative. This initiative allows high-tech entrepreneurs and start-up companies to have access to more than 1,200 NASA patented technologies of their choice, including materials, coatings, sensors, aeronautic technologies, instrumentation, and more.

The best way to manage your cash flow as a startup? Hold on to your money.
By offering a license with no up-front costs for commercial use of NASA’s patented technologies, NASA is letting companies hold onto their cash while securing the intellectual property needed to carve out competitive market space.
  • These technologies have been vetted for technical and commercial viability by NASA and external sources.
  • Patents are maintained and protected by the US Government.
  • NASA technical personnel and facilities can be available to lend additional support.


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NASA Technology Transfer Program is offering you a new opportunity to put NASA technologies to work for you.

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