Seeking Mentors & Mentees!

The Young Fastener Professionals are taking AIM on the future of the fastener industry through their new mentoring program, called AIM:

Right now they are looking for three young professionals  who can be paired with three mentors  for their pilot program. If you are interested please visit www.youngfastenerprofessionals.com for more information.
This joint NFDA/YFP mentorship program will serve the needs of young fastener professionals by pairing them with willing mentors focused on advancing the mentee’s personal career goals. Mentors and mentees will be matched based on professional skills that the mentee wants to acquire and that the mentor has to offer. The goal of this program is to provide support and educational opportunities to young professionals while developing a more diverse leadership pool for the fastener industry.

Young Fastener Professionals developed a survey that was made available during Q1 and Q2 during FY15 for individuals employed in the fastener industry to voluntarily submit responses. The survey entitled, “How to Attract & Retain Millennials in the Fastener Industry” aims to provide first-hand, direct feedback on what fastener professionals are looking for in terms of job satisfaction to expectantly increase retention. In this 30-45 minute presentation they will present a case analysis based on the survey findings including, but not limited to the following topics:

  • Important Job Attributes when Considering a New Job
  • The Importance of Promoting from Within
  • Areas of Improvement for Fastener Companies
  • Generating New Ideas
  • Recognition
  • Onboarding Procedures/Processes

The case analysis was prepared by a number of Young Fastener Professional members who conducted independent research to substantiate the survey’s findings. Their supplementary discoveries add informative content from scholarly sources to further provide direction on attracting and retaining personnel.

Confirmed Dates and Locations of Presentation:

February 11, 2016 – NorthCoast Fastener Association
Strongsville, OH
March 3, 2016 – PacWest/NFDA Joint Conference
San Diego, CA
May 5, 2016 – Midwest Fastener Association
Rockford, IL

* If you are interested in having Young Fastener Professional present this at your association’s Spring meetings, please get in touch with Ryan Kertis at rkertis@stelfast.com *

Information courtesy of the Young Fastener Professionals’ Newsletter: Fastener Industry Happenings



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