New Screws Cut Weight When Joining Parts and Sheets of Metals


A new mix of technologies has allowed for a new type of fastener functionality. The self-piercing, self-extruding, self-thread-forming EJOT FDS (Flow Drill Screw-driving) screws by EJOT Industrial Fasteners of Germany saves weight on cars and trucks, an important advancement for auto companies.

It is said that for every 100 lb of weight removed from a vehicle, its mpg improves by an average of 1% to 2%. This is critical to the auto companies that must find ways to increase their average corporate average fuel economy (CAFE) rating to 53.4 mpg by 2025. That may not seem too onerous until one realizes that the starting point for those OEMs is model year 2011, when regulations set the standard at 27mpg. The smart OEMs, therefore, are already getting to work and combining many new technologies and processes on their journey toward a CAFE of 53.4 mpg.




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