G.L. HUYETT ARAYMOND TINNERMAN(Minneapolis, Kansas) – Since acquiring Precision Specialties in October 2015, G.L. Huyett has rapidly integrated a diverse range of engineered fasteners into their parts mix. Along with Precision Specialties wave spring washers, Oetiker® hose clamps, and AVK Industrial Products® blind inserts and studs, the Company now offers over 100,000 unique fasteners and grease fittings including more than 1,600 ARaymond Tinnerman Speed Nuts®, Palnuts®, Panel Clips, and Wire Management solutions.

Dan Harriger, G.L. Huyett’s Vice President of Sales, explains, “The ARaymond Tinnerman brand is a strong compliment to G.L. Huyett’s offering, as we are known for carrying high-quality, unique products that our distributor customers need to satisfy the demands of their end users. G.L. Huyett is positioned to be a value-added resource for our distributors related to their product, application, and technical needs for ARaymond Tinnerman brand products. We are proud to represent the ARaymond Tinnerman brand and we will help penetrate the market and drive growth.”

With permanent and removable fastening solutions for both accessible and blind installations, ARaymond Tinnerman engineers off-the-shelf and custom solutions that screw or snap together – without the need for special installation tools. Celebrating 150 years of innovation, ARaymond Tinnerman holds over 800 industrial patents and is the industry leader for cost-effective, precision fastening solutions. Their extensive portfolio of plastic and metal parts safely and securely attach wiring, panels, and components in automotive and commercial vehicles, white goods, HVAC, electrical and lighting equipment, vending, toys, traffic signaling and exterior signage, robotics, office equipment, small home appliances, elevators, furniture, lawn & garden, and industrial applications.

Beyond just stocking parts, G.L. Huyett’s seasoned sales support team possesses over 50 years’ experience in ARaymond Tinnerman fasteners. Harriger elaborates, “Our technically competent sales team can help with product selection and assist in new product design activities. In just a few short weeks, our team has already had scores of technical sales victories with our distributor customers, which adds to their top line. The distributor’s bottom line is improved by consolidating suppliers in order to reduce transaction costs and freight.”


Established in 1906 by Guy Huyett in the “other Minneapolis,” the company is one of the oldest continuously operating businesses in Kansas. Founded on the production and distribution of machinery bushings, in the 1990’s, entrepreneurial owners Tim and Carol O’Keeffe recognized huge potential in offering low order minimums, fast shipping, and expanding product offerings to a complete inventory of pins, retaining rings, grease fittings and accessories, bushings, washers, shims, shaft collars, engineered fasteners, assortments, and tools.

For a complete list of ARaymond Tinnerman parts at great prices, with low minimums, and easy ordering, visit huyett.com today. To learn more about how G.L. Huyett’s sales team can assist you in finding or developing fastening solutions for your applications give us a call at 785-392-3017 or e-mail sales@huyett.com.

In the Northeast, contact Dave Audia, Corporate Business Development Director, at 330-715-7826 or e-mail daudia@huyett.com

In the Greater Chicago area, contact Larry Kucera, Regional Sales Manager, at 331-431-3030 or e-mail lkucera@huyett.com

In the Midwest, contact Chris Bell, Regional Sales Manager, at 785-392-7651 or e-mail cbell@huyett.com.

In the Ohio Valley, contact Joel Glaser, Regional Sales Manager, at 740-507-2678 or e-mail jglaser@huyett.com.

West of Colorado, contact Dan Harriger, Vice President of Sales, at 440-263-7259 or e-mail dan.harriger@huyett.com.

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