There will be a shortage of skilled employees in the future, especially in manufacturing.  This is fairly well predicted and documented.  Programmers, machinists, etc.  Many manufacturers in the fastener industry have expressed that they worry about being able to attract young people to come work in their factories.

The Fastener Industry Coalition (FIC) is hoping to not only promote MFG Day but they hope to bring attention specifically to the fastener industry on MFG Day.  The FIC is made up of fastener associations from coast to coast as well as several national fastener associations including IFI, NFDA, WIFI and YFP.  The FIC has set a goal of getting AT LEAST one fastener manufacturer from each regional fastener association to participate in MFG Day.  They want coast to coast participation, partly to draw attention the the fastener industry but, more importantly, to support fastener manufacturers seeking to attract future employees.

For several years, the people at Fastener News Desk have been promoting MFG Day and have helped many manufacturers attract high school and trade school students with interest in manufacturing to their events.  Fastener News Desk has agreed to partner with the FIC to help them publicize those companies who participate in MFG Day.

If your company plans to participate in MFG Day activities, please respond and let us know.  Or, if a fastener company in your area is participating, please post on this site or get in contact with the Fastener Industry Coalition or your local fastener association.  We all would like to help promote all fastener companies that take part in MFG Day which is schedule for the first Friday on October which, this year, is October 7, 2016.

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