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Progress through digitalization – Würth Industrie Service is one of the “Digital Champions 2023”

Bad Mergentheim/Main-Tauber-Kreis. Innovation and progress are the principles firmly embedded in the company strategy of Würth Industrie Service GmbH & Co. KG. Headquartered in Bad Mergentheim, Würth Industrie Service has one of the most modern logistics centres for industrial supply in Europe. The company has always been focusing on innovative solutions dedicated to automation, digitalization and Industry 4.0. in the field of holistic production and equipment supply for around 20,000 customers. In the “Digital Champions 2023” study conducted by DEUTSCHLAND TEST and Focus Money, the C-Parts partner emerged as a digital pioneer with the second place in the category “building materials and building accessories (wholesaler)”.

Success stories made in Germany: The Digital Champions Award shows how digital pioneers have profitably integrated innovation into their companies using intelligent technologies and solutions. True innovators are those who dare to do new things and shape the future. In short: they offer exactly what is important in the age of digitalization. The “Digital Champions 2023” study conducted by the Institute for Management & Economy Research (IMWF) with scientific support from the Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWWI) on behalf of Focus Money and DEUTSCHLAND TEST examines which measures are important for a successful change. Various parameters in the categories digitalization, technology and innovation were analyzed broadly and comprehensively for around 12,000 companies in the defined period from 1st December 2021 to 30th November 2022.

One step ahead as a digital champion

True innovators are constantly bringing in change and setting the benchmark for innovation success every day as pioneers in their respective industries. Factors like rising customer expectations and a constantly changing market and competitive environment are important key drivers. According to its motto “Always looking forward and one step ahead”, Würth Industrie Service contributes to driving digital change. “We value innovation and curiosity immensely,” says Stefan Reuss, General Manager, IT and Digital Solutions at Würth Industrie Service. A dedicated Digital Business Development department is responsible for the targeted management and coordination of innovation projects and collaboration with start-ups. Moreover, agile working methods designed by experts facilitate daily work using intelligent solutions.

Hand in hand: progress through innovation

Digital Champions 2023

Innovative technologies for modern C-Parts management succeed by learning from and with own customers and are developed in collaboration with partners from science, trade and industry – and are applicable far beyond the company boundaries. The innovation strength of Würth Industrie Service is visible in its supply systems, which engage in high level of automation. In one of the innovative new developments – the battery-operated iPLACER® – RFID technology is used not only for ordering process, but also for inventory management. Equipped with a reader and transmitter, the iPLACER® can be installed anywhere – in production, at the workplace, in the assembly, logistics or intralogistics. As a result, the customers can benefit from an automated replenishment at any place, and in turn, from a complete transparency about their consumption. An almost independent, logistical storage management for C-Parts can be achieved with iSCALE, a sensor-controlled scale that is directly connected to the Kanban bins and reports the requirements of production materials and other small parts based on weight. Würth Industrie Service is also focused on improving its intelligent ORSY®mat vending machines for all production-related MRO materials. For example, the ORSY®mat WGT detects the withdrawal of items through its integrated weighing cells. With its vending machines, the C-Parts partner takes care of everything from delivery, storage and stocking to fully automatic replenishment of auxiliary and operating materials. Currently, more than 20,000 customers are already using over 1,500 vending machines, more than 13,000 RFID solutions and more than 2 million Kanban bins. At the heart of Würth Industrial Park, one of Europe’s most modern logistics centers for industrial supplies, the C-Parts partner is continuously increasing the level of automation and digitalization. This includes modern, fully automated high-bay and shuttle warehouses with a capacity of over 650,000 storage spaces, 34 kilometers of conveyor technology, camera inspection systems, driverless bin shuttles and use of self-learning robots for picking and palletizing. Impressed by the innovation strategy of Würth Industrie Service, Focus Money and DEUTSCHLAND TEST felicitated the company with the award “Digital-Champions 2023”.

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Würth Industrie Service is one of “Germany’s most innovative companies in 2023”



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