Sustainability report of the Würth Group

Sustainability: What holds our world together.

Our civilization and our way of life are in no small part based on how we managed to find a secure and permanent means to connect parts together. Lines are not what connect us, but rather spiral structures: such as the spiral staircase used to climb to great heights or the double helix of our DNA. Those who wish to create connections that will endure for generations have to spin in circles, literally. Circularly, we can reach new heights.

Growth is deeply ingrained in Würth’s DNA. And we have grown alongside our connections. We connect materials, but most of all we connect people, industries, and many different perspectives. As a family company, we aspire to ensure that these connections last, that this foundation remains stable for generations to come, and that everyone benefits from the growth.

“The solution is to provide a solid foundation for our system of values and our culture that is fair for future generations”

Bettina Würth, Chairwoman of the Advisory Board of the Würth Group

It was possible to create and foster these connections in the blink of an eye that constituted the last several decades driven by a linear economy: mining, sourcing, production, distribution, disposal. However, a long-term perspective requires something that we at Würth understand as a matter of principle: a circular connection!

Three transformation areas on our path to a circular economy

  • Strong connections can only survive in a hospitable environment.
  • Strong connections require materials and resources.
  • Strong connections form between people when they treat each other fairly.

For us, the three transformation areas on our path to a circular economy are clear: Climatematerial life cycles and social standards.

The future viability of the Würth Group depends on creating circular connections, which in turn result in endless new possibilities for future generations. We are striving for climate neutrality by using renewable energy sources. We are establishing closed life cycles for commodities and materials along complex supply chains. We are endorsing fair cooperation within our global supply chain.



The Circular Way



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