What year did the first woman get inducted into the Fastener Hall of Fame? 

What is the name of this fastener industry pioneer?

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Answer: 1993, Edith Cameron

Edith A. Cameron was born in Mohawk, NY. A native of upstate New York, Cameron moved to Westport in 1956. She worked in the nuts, bolts and fastener industry for more than 55 years, during which time she was cleared to work on the Manhattan Project, and was appointed by President Roosevelt to be in charge of nickel procurement during World War II.

The church’s pastor of 13 years described Cameron as a stalwart in the fastener industry who persevered in a man’s business and went on to earn numerous accolades, including her 1993 induction into the industrial fastener industry’s Hall of Fame.

“She was like an icon in the industry,” said her friend, Ellen Grimaldi. “Edith was the fastener queen. She knew everything about the business. She was the top dog, male or female, she was unbeatable.” Grimaldi said she will remember Cameron for her strength and professionalism, which helped her succeed in a male-dominated industry. “There was such a strong respect for this woman in this male industry that nobody said anything bad about her, except that she was tough,” Grimaldi said.

Cameron was known to have signed business letters as “E.A. Cameron” to hide her gender from those she hadn’t met. Grimaldi said Cameron exuded professionalism by dressing in suits and muted colors. But it was her technical knowledge that most impressed clients and colleagues, she said.

NOTE: Comments are from Edith’s memorial service in 2011.



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