Are You Ready to Celebrate Excellence from IFE 2023!

Fastener News Desk is thrilled to bring you one of the most anticipated announcements of the year – the winners of the 2023 Best Booth Awards at the International Fastener Expo! Stay tuned for a spectacular showcase of the winning booths, the brilliant minds behind them, and the groundbreaking creativity, innovations and customer experiences that secured their victory.

From cutting-edge technology to revolutionary products, discover why these booths stole the spotlight at IFE 2023. Find out how these exceptional teams and booths have risen above the rest.

Join us in congratulating all the Best Booth Award winners who have left an indelible mark on the fastener industry! 

Congratulations Best Booth Award Winners from the fabulous 2023 International Fastener Expo! 


Fastener News Desk’s Best Booth Awards from IFE 2022 Announced


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