SMART MANUFACTURING: Work Smarter Not Harder in the 4th Industrial Revolution


To remain competitive and retain its place at the forefront in the world economy, America needs to accelerate its use of Smart Manufacturing so its companies and their employees can work smarter not harder in this technology Industrial Revolution.

According to a survey of 180 leading U.S. manufacturers by the Digital Manufacturing & Design Innovation Institute, 80 percent said that digital operations are a “critical driver of every organization’s manufacturing competitiveness.” And 61 percent said digital is “a senior leadership priority.” But only 13 percent said their organization has “digital manufacturing capability today.”

CEOs at 4th annual Smart Manufacturing Summit, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin discussed the key strategies, tactics and opportunities in 21st century manufacturing. The conference focused on lean manufacturing in the digital age, the impact of the Internet of Things, recruiting and managing talent, smart design for shorter time-to-market and how to evaluate and integrate digital technology into current operations.

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