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Specifying Fasteners

Steve Adkins explores the benefits a fastener expert that can deliver to OEMs and tier suppliers When designing a new project, manufacturers will often focus on how ‘high value’ components can embody their innovation as a business. However, innovation is not restricted by size, and the benefits of specifying correct fasteners are illustrated in a multitude of applications. Weight, cost, ease of installation and product standardization are four key features to consider when specifying fasteners for applications. To gain balance between these factors, manufacturers should partner with a business whose expertise lies in fasteners. Design engineers could be forgiven for overlooking the...

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Don’t Let The Industrial “Good Old Days” Dilemma Keep You In The Past

The industry of today is not the industry of yesterday; it moves so rapidly that what happened just recently is almost “old news.” While some industrial companies are embracing the change, others are more resistant to the shift in business. Correction: Not the companies, but the people behind them. If companies ran themselves, no doubt they would be doing what is necessary to succeed. In an industry so rich with history, there can be an understandably expected resistance to change. Change can be difficult. Yet, change has always been around. From the beginning of time, there have been evolutions...

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Fasteners Made from Laminated Pressboard with Phenolic Resin Bonding

For the first time: an alternative to fasteners made from laminated pressboard with casein and polyester resin bonding Haren – New directions in transformer engineering: Under the brand name Trafoboard® HD-PH, the international plastics processor Röchling Engineering Plastics SE & Co. KG, Haren, Germany is the first manufacturer in the market to offer fasteners made from laminated pressboard with phenolic resin bonding for use in oil-filled transformers. For the first time, transformer engineers are given an alternative to the conventional fasteners made from laminated pressboard with polyester resin or casein bonding that were so far available on the market....

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Medical Applications for Fasteners That Stand Out

Fasteners are often talked about through the eyes of manufacturing and construction, but fasteners also play an integral role in medicine. Just like with machinery and building, when parts of the body are broken, they need fasteners to hold them together. Here are some interesting stories on fasteners in medicine that might interest you. Below are the highlighted key points of each article. You can view more on the stories by clicking the links after each paragraph. The Bioceramic Screw When individuals have bone fractures, sometimes screws are required for recovery. Usually, these injuries are set in place by...

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Nedschroef Introduces Next-Gen High-Productivity Fastening Solution

Light, robust and easy-to-process TICnut® (thin sheet inner clinch nut) fastening solution increases manufacturing productivity. For manufacturers looking to improve productivity and increase their return on investment, Nedschroef, Europe’s leading fastening technology provider, has developed the world-class TICnut®. The TICnut® satisfies today’s demand for connecting elements that are compatible with ever thinner sheets, sandwich panels and an increasingly diverse range of materials. Smart geometry allows the TICnut® to be attached to metal without pre-punching holes. TICnut® benefits: Cost-saving: considerably cheaper than adhesive processes Reliable: application is stronger than thermal welding Versatile: applicable in combination with various materials Eco-friendly: material-saving,...

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Exhibit at the Inaugural Fastener Fair USA

Fastener Fair USA will have its first, inaugural 2-day event April 11-12, 2018 at the Huntington Convention Center in Cleveland, OH. Fastener Fair USA will bring together all levels of the supply chain, from manufacturers, to distributors, suppliers and end users.  If you are an engineer, in R&D, work in industrial sectors like automotive, aerospace, on and off-highway equipment, construction and consumer electronics along with distributors and wholesalers, this event is for you. Learn industry information, forecasts, and technical education through our keynote sessions and breakouts. Get started on Exhibiting Bring customers to your booth and get the best return...

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Adhesives Expand Fastening Techniques in Industrial Assemblies

For as long as humans have been using tools, they have found creative ways to mechanically fasten different materials with ropes, pegs, and wedges. After about a few thousand years of perfecting the art of fastening, someone invented the first adhesive: some birch-bark tar that could bond rocks together. The portfolio of available adhesives has since evolved into a textbook of everything from pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes to structural-strength curing adhesives.   To compare these various attachment methods—mechanical, thermal and adhesive bonding—it’s important to first consider the advantages and disadvantages of each. Certainly, each method has applications to...

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Threaded Fasteners’s Emphasis on Customers and Employees Fuels National Growth

Threaded Fasteners started out as a beloved local company, but by putting customers first and investing in employees, it is now nationally renowned. When it opened in 1979, Threaded Fasteners had a half-dozen employees. The founders, Frank Martin and Steve Sholtis, were primarily salesman and founded Threaded Fasteners along the Mobile River. What was once local now operates offices in seven U.S. cities handling a nationwide customer base. Their workforce has grown to over 130, all of whom own a portion of the company. This employee stock option program — or ESOP — awards shares based on position and tenure, giving everyone...

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Nationwide Industrial Supply Marks 45 Years in Business

From selling nuts and bolts out of a 14-foot-long van to selling 40,000 products out of a 35,000-square-foot warehouse, Nationwide Industrial Supply has come a long way in its 45 years. What hasn’t changed is the company’s dedication to its customers. “Our customers have really dictated our inventory,” said Leo Majernik, president of the company. “We listen to what customers want. We keep our ears open. We are still adding on.” Nationwide Industrial Supply, located on South Avenue, is a source for industrial companies to buy their fasteners and hardware supplies. “We have depth in our inventory,” Leo said....

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The Benefits of Using Structural Adhesives Over Rivets, Welding and Traditional Fastening Methods

Structural Adhesives “Structural Adhesives” refers to any type of adhesive used to bond a load bearing joint required for a product’s structural integrity. These joints are the most vital bonds in a product because failure is disastrous to the product’s structure and purpose. As adhesive material technologies advance, manufacturers are progressively interested in how and when to use adhesives in structural bonding and what benefits are offered over welding, rivets. and other fasteners. This article will explain when adhesives are a good choice and compare normally used structural adhesives to alternative fastening techniques. When to Choose Adhesives Adhesives are...

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Compact, Cost-Competitive, Reconfigurable Conveyors

Stanley Engineered Fastening, Chesterfield, MI, is a Stanley Black & Decker Inc. company, specializing in design and development of cost-effective fasteners, assembly tools, and stud and welding systems. Items in the diverse line include fasteners and clips for metals and plastics, screws and bolts, torque nuts, threaded inserts, and a range of other products to meet individualized sealing and securing requirements. To convey these various items to packaging lines, Stanley had been using large static conveyors that were requiring significant maintenance and downtime for repairs. The company realized that it needed to convert to more efficient conveying equipment. After...

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Top Tips OEMs Should Consider When Purchasing Automotive Fasteners

Automotive OEMs can eliminate or overcome production issues caused by fastening problems by using the design expertise of fastener manufacturers. However, not all fastener manufacturers are created equal. It is essential to choose a manufacturer who not only has the expertise and capacity to meet strict specifications, but also can incorporate design features that save on assembly time and cost, while improving the quality and resilience of completed assemblies. Buckeye Fasteners offers tips to help OEMs collaborate with their fastener manufacturers to optimize the design and production process associated with the installation of their fasteners.   Click Here to...

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Buckeye Fasteners Earns Recognition from Cleveland Southwest Safety Council

Buckeye Fasteners and its member companies under the Fastener Industries, Inc. umbrella have been recognized for their effort in preventing accidents and injuries in the workplace. The Cleveland Southwest Safety Council and Berea Chamber of Commerce have honored the company for their commitment for their above and beyond strides to maintain a safe and healthy workplace.  “At Buckeye Fasteners, the welfare of our employees is our number one priority. We are proud to receive recognition for our commitment to safety across our facilities. We look forward to continuing our safety initiatives and developing new training programs to educate and...

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Fastener Professionals Reflect on Mobile Training

The tale of training and upskilling has long been told. Imagine needing this training and having the solution arrive on your doorstep. Imagine the gift comes wrapped in black and turquoise with 18 wheels. The Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C) mobile training unit is just that and the only imagination needed is for the future of possibilities that it offers. At the 9th annual North Coast Fastener Association (NCFA) Fastener Social on May 18, 2017, fastener professionals had the opportunity to take a look inside of the mobile unit. We spoke to a few of them on their way out.  “I found it to be...

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The 2017 North Coast Fastener Association Social in a Nuts (and Bolts) Shell

May 18th was the 9th annual North Coast Fastener Association (NCFA) Distributor Social at the Crowne Plaza in Independence, OH. About 200 fastener professionals gathered for the occasion. In attendance were also representatives from Emerald Expositions (The National Industrial Fastener & Mill Supply Expo) and Mack Brooks Exhibitions, which is introducing its first Fastener Fair USA in 2018.  The event opened with three 15 minute presentations. The first presenter was Alicia Booker, the Vice President of Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C). Booker highlighted the importance of training and the rise of the younger workforce. She touched upon areas of gaps...

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Rotor Clip Announces Winners of the 2017 Ring-A-Majig Contest

2017 was the second time Rotor Clip challenged engineering students all over the nation to flex their skills and come up with a unique device design that incorporated a retaining rings set as the fastening method. This year’s contest threw a bit of a curve ball to students, asking them to also incorporate a functioning wave spring in their designs.  The finished device had to display motion or movement in order to be considered. Four degreed mechanical engineers from Rotor Clip served as judges for the contest. They viewed the five finalist’s presentations and selected the top three winners. The contest was held in...

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Student Teams Submit Prototype Product Designs for Rotor Clip Contest

Rosemary Astheimer challenges CGT 22600 (Introduction to Constraint-Based Modeling) students with a different project every semester, and Rotor Clip’s “Ring-A-Majig” contest provided the inspiration for this spring’s coursework. In the course, students focus on learning how to use Computer Aided Design (CAD) software and then applying what they’ve learned to create product designs and build prototypes of those designs which incorporate 3-D printed and laser-cut parts. “I like students to experience the challenges they will face when working in industry, including working in groups, coming up with designs that fit the requirements given to them, and then getting firsthand...

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Bolted by Trust, Transparency and Communication: Sundram Fasteners

At 80 years of age, Suresh Krishna has earned the right to put his feet up and enjoy the pleasures of life. But the Chairman and Managing Director of Sundram Fasteners Ltd is in his office a little after 8 a.m. most days, and keeps up a fairly busy daily routine. Agile and fit, Krishna, an excellent raconteur, has numerous anecdotes to narrate about his company, which turned 50 this year, the lessons he has learnt on this journey and the ease with which he carries the TVS legacy. “The first 25 years of the company,” he says without...

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How 3D Printing May Influence the Fastener Industry and Bring New Opportunities

3D printing is the process of manufacturing an end piece from a digital file. Also known as “additive manufacturing,” 3D printing starts with a virtual file or CAD (Computer Aided Design). The file can be designed or it can be scanned into the program using 3D scanning technologies. The object is then made into a 3 dimensional object. It’s like your every day printing, but with a little more technology, design, and difficulty. Pros and Cons by 3D Hubs Although 3D printing has its cons, these are slowly being resolved to create better ways to utilize 3D printing. Its benefits are...

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Aviation and Aerospace Fasteners: Why it Pays to Buy Legit

The little unsung heroes. They’re tough, durable, and can stand up to extreme environments. They have to, otherwise, who will? What will keep together all we hold dear? Those reasons are why aviation and aerospace fasteners are made to rigid, uncompromising standards. That’s also why they undergo an inspection process on a level akin to a surgeon about to perform an operation before becoming available on the market. Otherwise you risk losing expensive equipment, machinery, or even lives for that matter. These fasteners undergo strict regulations for several reasons, but before we get into those, let’s take a look...

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Industrial Vending at 24: Industry Sees Widespread Application & Global Adoption of Technology

MASON, OH, April 27, 2017 — The first industrial vending machines were used to automatically distribute tools and other items used in the manufacturing process for the Ford Motor Company in 1990. Moving light years beyond the traditional world of candy, snack and beverage vending, these early hardwired, pre-Internet machines have morphed into today’s Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled solutions. Nearly 200,000 of industrial vending devices have been deployed around the world for tens of thousands of companies. “The need for companies to improve productivity and decrease costs has only increased in urgency since the first industrial vending devices were deployed...

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U.S. Coast Guard Warns of Dangers of Suspect and Counterfeit Items

APRIL 7, 2017 — The U.S. Coast has issued a Marine Safety Alert (03-17) warning of the dangers of Suspect and Counterfeit Items (S/CIs) — products represented as meeting specified manufacturing and quality requirements when, in fact, they do not. During a recent investigation of a ferry propulsion failure, Coast Guard investigators discovered evidence of falsely identified fasteners being used as part of the drive train system. Several installed bolt heads separated from their shanks and, as a result, a splined hub coupling loosened and disconnected from the reduction gear / transmission. This then overstressed the stern tube seal,...

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Tour the Fastenal Factory Located in Rockford, Illinois

Whether you’re in the fastener industry, manufacturing, or driving down the street, you’ve come across Fastenal. The company is the largest store-based distributor in North America. Every month, they cut up between 60 and 80 tons of steel and out of that 10 million fasteners are produced. Those figures alone are from one factory in Rockford, Illinois.    Take a tour of this impressive Fastenal factory with the DIY Network. Click on the image below to access the...

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Fabory has been Serving Customers for 70 Years

Seventy years ago on March 10th, Fabory served its first customers as a wholesale trader in fasteners. Today, Fabory holds its standards as high as it did back then, specializing in high quality products  sold to professional users. The company now offers 90,000 fasteners, the most fasteners of any business in Europe.  What’s their secret for lasting success? Adaption. Faber has been dedicated to meeting its customers needs and paying close attention to evolve their business.  What once started as small, now stretches to a presence of 80 locations in 11 European countries. More than 1100 team members are now serving customers with...

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Going to The Fastener Summit?

  What is the Fastener Summit? The Fastener Summit is an event being put on by the Fastener Industry Coalition (FIC) that includes a lineup of industry related speakers.  But it is quite a bit more than that. The Fastener Summit is the FIC’s first attempt to get all the fastener associations from around the country pooling their efforts to come up with a national, industry wide program, sponsored collectively by members of the fastener industry. To learn more about the specific speakers, go to the Fastener Industry Coalition (FIC) website at .  You can also look on the Fastener...

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Discovery Channel’s ‘How It’s Made’ Film Crews Visit Orangeville Aerospace Product Manufacturer

An Orangeville-based manufacturer with a customer list including Boeing, Bombardier, Lockheed Martin, Rolls-Royce and NASA will be featured on The Discovery Channel. On Wednesday (March 1), crews for The Discovery Channel’s “How It’s Made” television show visited TFI Aerospace’s 20,000-square foot facility on Riddell Road.  Since its establishment in 1991, TFI Aerospace has been a global producer of high quality, specialty fasteners used in critical applications.  TFI Aerospace has made its mark in producing male-threaded aerospace fasteners for commercial and military aircraft, as well as for space applications. Its customer base includes clients such as Boeing, Bombardier, Lockheed Martin,...

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Mechanical Fastening Tools Advance in Ergonomics and Noise Reduction

In mass production assembly operations, mechanical fasteners are still a major aspect of the operation, but fastening screws without mechanical fasteners is becoming easier and significantly more practical. “We’ve been very attentive to the comfort needs of users and developed our CP2816 series of industrial screwdrivers, paying special attention to the power-to-weight ratio, so that the user can use the tool in a more efficient way,” said Joël Draelants, global business development manager at Chicago Pneumatic. Chicago Pneumatics’ new line of industrial screwdrivers with a pistol grip design come in two iterations: the CP2816 and CP2817. The series also introduces...

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Matthew A. Nerney of Rivet & Eyelet Technologies Passes

Matthew A. Nerney, age 39, died unexpectedly Sunday, February 12, 2017, at Lahey Hospital and Medical Center in Burlington, MA. He was born in Winchester, MA on December 19, 1977 a beloved son of Mary Ellen (Kelley) Nerney of Bedford and the late Paul L. Nerney and was a lifelong Bedford, MA resident. Matthew was a graduate of Bedford High School and Westfield State University. He worked as a Regional Sales Manager for Rivet and Eyelet Technologies. Besides his mother he is survived by one brother, Paul Nerney Jr. and his wife Carol of Manchester, NH; one sister, Cindy Donovan and her...

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Distributor Profile: Customization, Succession Plan Have B&F Fastener Supply Primed For Continued Growth

Every industrial distributor emphasizes their commitment to customer service. They essentially have to. With so many distributors selling the same products, service tends to be the modern differentiator. But it’s one thing to talk service, and another to live by it. For the folks at B&F Fastener Supply, that commitment to the customer was put in place when it was founded in 1988, offering free delivery starting on day one, and has only grown stronger with the company’s array of services and expertise. Headquartered roughly 25 miles north of Minneapolis in Ramsey, MN, privately-owned B&F Fastener Supply has evolved...

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Driving Thread-Cutting and Thread-Forming Screws

Movies and TV shows consistently promote lead characters who are able to complete their mission with little or no help from others. In the world of fastening, self-tapping screws fit this role better than any fastener, as they have the ability to create mating threads in metallic and nonmetallic base materials. By eliminating the tapping process, these fasteners (thread-cutting, thread-rolling and thread-forming screws) help manufacturers save money and increase production. Nidec America Corp., one of the world’s largest electric motor manufacturers, has benefitted from self-tapping and self-drilling fasteners for more than a decade. Earlier this century, Nidec engineers were...

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Threadlocker Enhances Fastener Reliability for Automotive Engines

Since 1993, the Saleen Automotive Co. has manufactured high-performance automotive parts and sports cars. Saleen’s engineering team has a single goal in every modification project: boost the performance of each vehicle and refine its aesthetics to make it a rare and distinctive automobile. Often, though, the assembly and attachment-point bolts of the retrofitted vehicle’s supercharger are unable to withstand the rigors of being run at high-performance levels. To overcome this problem, Saleen engineers considered using a threadlocker. Saleen’s engineers then explained that they needed three more things from the thread locker. They received support of their decision during a meeting with Tectorius...

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WNY Women Leading the Charge: Michelle Jenkins of Thruway Fasteners

  NORTH TONAWANDA, N.Y. (WKBW) – Michelle Jenkins started working at Thruway Fasteners as a child.  Her father started the business in 1958.  When she was young, Jenkins would sit with him to count nuts and bolts and prep them for distribution.  Today, she’s the company’s president, and credits the years she spent learning the business for getting her there. “The reason why I’m sitting in this chair today is because I grew up in the family business.  I guess you could say the business and I grew up together,” she explained. Thruway Fasteners distributes fasteners – from screws...

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