Metal Additive Manufacturing, Summer 2017


Metal Additive Manufacturing, Summer 2017 Featured Articles: 

  • Linear AMS: How an AM service provider is embracing the new infrastructure of on-demand manufacturing

  • Metal Additive Manufacturing gains ground in the tyre industry

  • Desktop Metal: A rising star of metal AM targets speed, cost and high-volume production

  • & More!

About Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing is the magazine devoted to industrial applications of 3D printing and digital layering technology to make functional parts. They speak to a manufacturing audience, exploring the use of additive manufacturing to make tooling, molds and functional prototypes, along with the ultimate aim of manufacturers: end-use production parts. They report on the promise of additive manufacturing in these applications in addition to the pitfalls. Staff members write about successes with additive manufacturing and the hard roads that led to those successes.

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