6 Questions with Emerald Expositions

Emerald Expositions recently appointed the Young Fastener Professionals to select ten (10) outstanding young professionals within the fastener industry to attend this year’s fastener show, the National Industrial Fastener & Mill Supply Expo (NIFMSE) in Las Vegas, Nevada. This opportunity, titled the Rising Star Program, gives an opportunity for up-and-coming professionals within the fastener industry to experience North America’s largest fastener show for the very first time.

We had an opportunity to speak with Emerald Expositions about the Rising Star Program.

1.    What about this year propelled you to reach out to the Young Fastener Professionals to create and launch the “Rising Star Program”?

The Rising Star program isn’t just aimed towards the Young Fastener Professionals organization, but to any and all “up-and-comer” professionals in our industry. We’ve reached out to the Young Fastener Professionals to partner with our Rising Star program because we feel that we need to help educate and empower the next generation of fastener professionals through networking and education.  However, we will offer this program to the current attendees at our show to nominate someone internally from their organization that they feel is a “star” and has never been and wants to expose them more to the industry.

2.    One of the qualifications to receive consideration for the “Rising Star Program” is to never before have been to the National Industrial Mill & Supply Expo show. What is important about this for a young professional as opposed to having attended one or more times before? 

We want to give an opportunity for any up-and-comer to come experience the show for the first time. We understand that some companies may not have the budget to send a rising star on their team, our hosted program allows an attendee to nominate an additional colleague to accompany them.

3. What benefit does this have for a newcomer to the fastener show? 

There are a lot of benefits for a newcomer to be at the show. They get to see vendors, network amongst their peers, build new relationships, find new vendors, source new products, attend sessions and learn more about the industry, because really these people are the future of the industry and we want to make them feel a part of it.

4.    For those selected to attend, what are the biggest takeaways you would like for them to have from attending the fastener show?

The biggest takeaway is to understand that in our industry, it’s about the connections you make here at the Fastener Show. We are the largest in North America and is the show where people within the industry do business.  We want to solidify in their minds that we are a true partner to the industry for years to come.

5.    Moving forward, what qualities do you believe a young professional could bring to both the show floor and the fastener industry?

The next generation is here and with the advancement in technology, they are shaping the business world. They have a drastically different outlook on business and how to complete a transaction. They are more socialable and interactive. They are skilled in technology, multi-taskers and want to be engaged. I think you will see more technology come into play in booth set ups to draw in the young professionals and more unique approaches to overall business.

6.    As the show evolves and younger professionals rise to higher positions within not only the fastener industry, but also aerospace, manufacturing and related industries, what changes do you see on the horizon for the show? 

The show will evolve to keep with the industry, because really we are a reflection of the industry we serve.  These young professionals as they grow in their career will help shape the direction of the show, which is really how it should be.  Whether it’s expanding into other related product categories such as Machinery & Tooling or Specialty Tools, we strive to be a leader in our market at the same time stay true to our roots…  It’s an exciting time and we are looking forward to the future.


There is still time to apply for the Rising Star Program! We wish the young professionals best of luck in their applications and extend our appreciation to Emerald Expositions for offering this opportunity, offering insight into our questions and working to continually bring the very best to the Fastener Show.

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