GE Digital and Bosch Software Innovations partner to find a way for machines and devices to understand each other despite language barriers.

When the machines of tomorrow talk to each other, what language will they speak? Will a German car be able to communicate with traffic in America, and a jet engine from Cincinnati with a maintenance shop in China?

GE Digital and Bosch Software Innovations, the Bosch Group’s software and systems house, are working together to make machines and devices understand each other through a common language.

Those standards are needed. There will be more than 50 billion devices connected to the Industrial Internet by 2020, generating many petabytes of data. Bosch Software Innovations Chief Executive Rainer Kallenbach says there are already too many competing technologies. “This partnership between Bosch and GE is very promising because the Internet of Things will not deliver value for connected businesses and users if we have more than 120 different, isolated platforms,” he says. “We must interconnect them, otherwise we will end up with a series of isolated islands operating just for themselves.”

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