In early October of this year, Morgan Wilson was announced as the new Business Development Manager for the National Industrial Fastener & Mill Supply Expo (NIFMSE). We had the pleasure of meeting Morgan at this year’s Fastener Show.  Taking on his new position with Emerald Expositions, Wilson brings with him over 10 years of experience in the fastener industry. He also has been a Certified Fastener Specialist (CFS) from the Los Angeles Fastener Association (LAFA) since 2008. When Emerald Expositions brought Wilson onto the team, they not only brought on a successful businessman, they also recruited someone who knows the fastener industry and has previously attended the Fastener Show. Fastener News Desk had the opportunity to speak with Morgan on his new role and his experience as a fastener professional.

As the new Fastener Show Business Development Manager, what is your main role on the show team?  

Morgan Wilson:
My primary objective is to build relationships with our current clientele, create new, and keep up with the latest Industry trends in order to assist our team in improving the show any way we can, and ultimately, to better serve and help expand the fastener industry. The better we know our clients, the easier it will be to help them advance. Along with that, I will be the primary Domestic Sales Representative.

Before joining Emerald Expos you had many years of experience in the fastener industry. Tell us about that.

I worked for a fastener distributor in Irvine, California for over nine years.  The company specializes in several different categories and serves various industries primarily throughout the US, as well as internationally. I started working as a Warehouse Manager which progressed into a sales position. We had relationships with hundreds of different companies throughout the industry, which made for a great transition going to my new role with NIFMSE. Through this time, I learned much about the industry and became a Certified Fastener Specialist.

How do you intend to draw from your knowledge and experience in the fastener industry to advance Fastener Show?

I believe having a good understanding for the industry will help the NIFMSE expand, yet maintain the importance of its origins. It’s beneficial to realize the synergy throughout the industry and apprehend what has made businesses successful.

What opportunities do you see ahead for Fastener Show?

We would like to become more involved with the fastener community and some of the associations. I think the more support we have for the industry the more support our show will gain. We also see potential in expanding some of the smaller categories we currently have which will help create a more diversified event. In addition to that, we are looking forward to expanding the show’s educational track and encourage the young fastener generation to become more involved. We want them to take advantage of everything NIFMSE has to offer. The idea is to help them grow their knowledge and presence in the industry. NIFMSE is the perfect platform for that. I also see the show getting involved in the overall manufacturing industry in a broader way to help further connect our part of the industry to the bigger picture through initiatives like Manufacturing Day and others.

What are a few of your favorite aspects of the fastener industry?

It’s great seeing a relatively large industry maintain such a well-connected community. Despite the connections, it is still a very welcoming crowd. It could possibly be one of the only industries where you will see competitors working together to help one another.

Can you tell us about some of what we can expect from the NIFMSE in the future?

Wilson: We hope to only improve the Fastener Show experience for everyone. We have received positive feedback overall from the 2016 show and we hope to carry that momentum into the future. We have a lot of ideas and with the resources that Emerald Expositions possesses, there are a lot of possibilities for the future, so stay tuned!


Thank you to Mr. Wilson for his time. We anticipate the future of NIFMSE with him on its team!
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