Assembly Magazine, February 2017


Assembly Magazine, February 2017 Featured articles:

  • Threadlocker enhances fastener reliability for automotive engines

  • Rotary Indexer Quickens SUV Door Assembly

  • Testing Challenges With Automotive Plastics

  • Compact Pneumatic Cylinders Can Play Big Roles in Automation

  • & more!


ASSEMBLY covers the processes, technologies and strategies for assembling discrete parts into finished products. We write about robots, conveyors, vision systems and other technologies for assembly automation, as well as workstations, power tools and other equipment for manual production. We publish articles on lean manufacturing, screwdriving, riveting, adhesive bonding, welding and other methods for assembling parts.

ASSEMBLY serves 54,000 engineers and managers responsible for designing and manufacturing cars, computers, catheters, coffeemakers and everything in between. Our readers make large products in small volumes and small products in large volumes.

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