Exhibiting at stand 1990 in Hall 3, the Basque company will attend the Stuttgart Fastener Fair with the BEGItech ECD PLUS, which is designed for the individual control of parts by an extremely precise vision system. This eradicates the lack of reliability involved in manual control procedures and provides the benefits of swift, precise and objective control of the parts being measured.

Lazpiur will also be exhibiting a wide range of forging tooling in Stuttgart.These are two different lines, which nevertheless share the common denominator of constant innovation and application of cutting edge technologies to products.


Bergara (Gipuzkoa), 2nd March 2017

Lazpiur Showcases the Complete Family of Fastener Control MachinesAmongst the hundreds of exhibitor companies at the Stuttgart Fastener Fair 2017, Lazpiur stands out with an offer of two lines of very different products (inspection machines and industrial tooling) which nonetheless share common factors: innovation, precision and quality.

Lazpiur will exhibit at stand 1990 in Hall 3 from the 28th to the 30th of March, where it will showcase a leading position in the production of fastener inspection machines, with cutting edge technology: dimensional vision inspection, surface defect analysis with photometry, mechanical checks of mountability / go-no go, induced currents applied to checks for cracks and/or verification of heat treatments… Lazpiur is the only company in the market offering a comprehensive range of this type of machines.

As evidence of the company’s expertise, Lazpiur will exhibit one of its most successful developments at Stuttgart; the BEGItech ECD PLUS machine. This system inspects parts individually, and is ideal for laboratories (control of first samples,…) or plants (statistical control of processes,..…).This will serve as a perfect replacement for profile projectors and manual measuring instruments (gauges, micrometers…).

Another revolutionary fastener inspection machine on the market is the BEGItech CLT machine which has recently been recognised as one of the ‘Top products of 2016’ by the Fastener Technology International magazine in an article showcasing the top eight designs in the machinery industry.


Forge tooling

 Lazpiur Showcases the Complete Family of Fastener Control MachinesLazpiur is also a leading player in the forging tooling sector. At the Fastener Fair 2017, this century-old company will present its latest innovations in this field where it has become an international benchmark. This will be the only company at the fair with such a wide range of products, as Lazpiur specialises in manufacturing both wear and standard tooling.

The Basque-based company has broadened its range of cold forging products in recent months with new types of dies based on advanced technologies. The benefits of this new technology include manufacturing cost savings, which can be of special interest in the automotive sector.

The Stuttgart fair is the most distinguished fastener sector fair in the world. This year marks the fair’s seventh edition, welcoming 800 exhibitors hailing from 40 different countries. A total of 11,060 visitor attended last year’s Fastener Fair. The event will bring together a wide spectrum of fastener-related technology, which is also used in such a wide range of sectors such as automotion, electronics, construction, machine construction and furniture, to name but a few.


For further information, please contact Eduardo Ortiz de Arri by email comunicacion@lazpiur.com or telephone +34 647 770052.


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